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Best Buy BlackBerry Tour 9630 Stock Not Getting Replenished



BGR is reporting that the BlackBerry Tour 9630 is on its way out at Best Buy. This is a regular occurrence whenever a device update is coming and I’m sure we’ll be seeing the Tour2 9650 in the next few months. I’m definitely looking forward to a trackpad and WiFi.

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BlackBerry Tour2 9650 Coming to Verizon and Sprint



BBleaks and CrackBerry members have found the SKU’s for the upcoming BlackBerry Tour2 9650. The device is going to be just like the Tour 9630, but with WiFi and a trackpad. There may be some memory and processor improvements, but we won’t know until closer to launch. If we went by previous SKU leaks, for example with the 9550, we saw the SKU about 2-3 months before launch. So maybe we’ll see this device launch mid-March to early April.

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BlackBerry Cool Roundup for the Week of December 25th


Inverted BlackBerry Cool Zen Background Image

Hopefully you had a great New Year’s and you’re enjoying a long holiday. There were some cool apps launched this week as well as some good editorials. If you’ve been taking a break from the blogs, here is a recap post to get you up to speed.
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More pics of the BlackBerry Tour2 9650 emerge



BGR has posted some pics of the upcoming BlackBerry Tour2 9650 from Verizon. There are a few improvements on this device over its predecessor including WiFi, a trackpad, a faster processor (possibly the one used in the Storm2) and it seems the side buttons are rubberized.

Personally, I’m wondering if the Tour2 9650 will support OpenGL. We know that CDMA devices with the appropriate hardware requirements will support OpenGL, so perhaps this device falls in that category.

My favorite pics comparing the original Tour and the Tour2 after the jump

Verizon BlackBerry Tour2 9650 aka Essex pictured



Sal put up a pic of the Verizon BlackBerry Tour2 9650 aka the BlackBerry Essex and it looks just like you thought it would. The only thing new here is that the Tour now has a trackpad and WiFi. These leaked devices are almost always coming from ISVs who get them around 6 weeks before launch. Assuming Sal just got his device, and he got it from an ISV, we’ll be seeing this device around mid-January. This would coincide with a lot of the rumors we’ve been hearing. Expect this device to launch on the Sprint network as well.

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BlackBerry Tour2 codenamed BlackBerry essex details and video



As usual, CrackBerry Kevin overshadows a new device launch with video of an unreleased BlackBerry. Gotta love it. The BlackBerry Tour2 9650, codenamed essex, is nothing spectacular, and is just the Tour 9630 with a trackpad and WiFi.

This must be incredibly frustrating for those who bought the Tour 9630. It just goes to show that you pay a high price for being an early adopter. If I had to blame someone for this, it would be the carriers. I’m sure RIM would love to have released the Tour with WiFi, but the greedy carriers knew that early adopters burn through significantly more data than your average user, and withholding WiFi is a quick way to make cash. Now that the early adopters have been tapped, carriers are comfortable releasing the WiFi version for everyone else.

No word on pricing or a release date yet, but we’ll let you know as soon as we hear anything.
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