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Bell launches BlackBerry Unite!


BB LogoRemember when Unite! was announced way back when? Well it’s finally seeing the light of day. Canadian users can now head on over to bell.ca/unite to download the mini-BES goodness which allows groups of up to 5 to share documents, multimedia, contacts, calendars, sync e-mail, as well as provide administrators with management and security options for their devices.

I’ve got the download going now even though we’re with Rogers, so we’ll see if it works for anyone else. This thing is a goldmine for small businesses considering it’s free, let alone the impressive features it offers. Our personal favorites? Shared calendar and home pc access. Thanks RC!

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BlackBerry Professional Software debuts


RIMRIM announced today a new software bundle for small and medium businesses who are administrating up to 30 BlackBerrys on your existing e-mail server. Combined with BlackBerry Home Server, BlackBerry Unite!, and the full-blown BlackBerry Enterprise Server, RIM is setting up a nice sliding scale for all levels of enterprise users. The BlackBerry Professional Software will cost you $499 for every 5 users, which you can get for free if you buy 5 BlackBerrys before the end of November. More information over here.

Features behind the jump.