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RIM Acquires Ripple Product Developers tinyHippos


In this tutorial, the PhoneGap GeoLocation demo application will be run inside the tinyHippos Ripple Mobile Environment Emulator.

RIM has announced the acquisition of tinyHippos, a company whose product Ripple, allows developers to test and debug their HTML5 apps for multiple platforms from within the browser.
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RIM Posts WebWorks SDK and API Source Code and More on GitHub



RIM has made some updates to its GitHub open source projects. Both the Individual Contributor Agreement and the Corporate Contributor Agreement to the BlackBerry WebWorks Open Source Software Project have been added, which allows the community to participate in the contribution of both source code and bug fixes to the project. The company has also posted the source code to the BlackBerry WebWorks SDK and APIs for the BlackBerry Tablet OS in the project. Lastly, RIM has updated the list of new APIs that the team is currently developing for the BlackBerry platform. We’ll be keeping an eye on this list to see if there’s anything new and exciting opening up for developers in the near future.

Read more over at RIM’s Developer Blog.

Save the Dates: BlackBerry Webworks Webcasts for the Tablet OS


playbook hands on

The Developer Rations and Developer Platform groups will host a series of webcasts focusing on WebWorks development for the BlackBerry Tablet OS. There will be four webcasts starting Feb. 1, so mark your calendars. It’s interesting to also note that RIM hasn’t given a name to the tablet OS yet. Will it just be called the QNX OS? Hit up the webcasts and get started on an app to win yourself a free PlayBook.
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Save the Date: BlackBerry WebWorks for Tablet OS Webcasts


playbook hands on

RIM recently announced the BlackBerry WebWorks for Tablet OS, allowing developers to easily port their web apps over to the PlayBook. To accompany the WebWorks announcement, RIM has announced a four part webcast series that will occur Tuesdays and Thursdays starting February 1, 2011 at 2 PM EST. Learn everything you need to know about WebWorks for Tablet OS, including how to:

  • Install tools
  • Set up development environments
  • Create your first application
  • Test apps on the simulator

Register for the developer webcasts at this link.

Download the WebWorks SDK for the PlayBook at this link.

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CTIA 2010: AppMobi Announces Cross Platform Developer Kit for Web Developers



Creating web apps that perform and look like native apps is a hot trend right now in the industry. Joe Monastiero, VP at AppMobi, announced this morning at the iHollywood Forum, a pre-CTIA event, that their new cross-platform mobile application development framework is available for web and mobile developers to start using.

AppMobi’s Cross Platform Developer kit allows developers to use existing web development tools to create native mobile apps. With the XDK, native iPhone, iPad, and Android apps can be created with any tool that can edit web pages – such as DreamWeaver, Eclipse, or Visual Studio.
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