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5 Features We Want To See On The BlackBerry 10 Developer Alpha Smartphone


At the BlackBerry 10 Jam, developers are going to get a limited edition smartphone featuring a prototype of BlackBerry 10. The smartphone isn’t meant as a launch device for consumers, and it’s specifically meant so developers can test their applications on the device. So given that we know this is RIM’s strategy, what features should this smartphone have? Here are 5 features that we believe are important for developers to make great apps for the BlackBerry 10.
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Developers: You Should Attend the BlackBerry 10 Jam at BlackBerry World in Orlando, May 1st


BlackBerry World is going to be an awesome conference this year. Not only is RIM hosting its standard BlackBerry conference, but the company will have a developer-conference-within-a-conference called BlackBerry 10 Jam. According to RIM, the BlackBerry 10 Jam “will be dedicated to developers and is a unique opportunity for developers to connect with BlackBerry platform experts and learn more about the benefits and business opportunities of the BlackBerry platform. The show will give developers insight on building applications in anticipation of the launch of the new BlackBerry 10 OS later this year.” What kind of insight will they provide? Well the schedule has a “Hands-on” Lab Session so hopefully devices!
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RIM Announces Multi-Platform Enterprise Solution for Smartphones and Tablets


RIM has announced new multi-platform management solution for enterprise. The solution will incorporate secure device management for iOS, Android, and tablets all managed from convenient web-based console.

We’ve been hearing a lot about multi-platform deployments gaining steam in enterprise and this looks like a good tool for IT departments and CTOs to manage a multi-platform deployment. The web console will help manage and distribute software, manage policies, inventory and security services.

This new solution is from RIM’s acquisition of Ubitexx, a company that specializes in multiplatform mobile deployment software. They make a point of mentioning that there are many more security options available on the BlackBerry platform but I still find it interesting that RIM has listened to their CTO clients and embraced multiplatform deployments. RIM intends to launch this service for general availability summer 2011.

RIM Announces Video Chat App for the PlayBook #BBWC11


blackberry playbook video chat

RIM has announced the video chat app for the PlayBook and will be demoing it at BlackBerry World. The app features everything you would expect of a tablet video callin app including one click calling, friends list, notifications and some in-call features. We’ll be bringing you live coverage of the app so stay tuned. The app is also expected to go live tomorrow. Until then, you can read the press release.
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RIM Announces MVS 5 Support for Voice Over WiFi for Avaya and Legacy Nortel Systems


We’re here at BlackBerry World and RIM announced this morning that MVS 5 will support voice over WiFi calling for Avaya Aura 6.1, Avaya CS1000 Communication Server, as well as legacy phone systems such as Avaya Communications Manager and Nortel Communication Server. It is also currently available for Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Cisco Call Manager Express, and Mitel Communications Director. BlackBerry MVS 5 has also been re-architected to be more extensible with third party applications and phone systems. Hit the jump for more details.
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BlackBerry World Wireless Achievement Awards


blackberry world voting

RIM set up a voting site for the Wireless Achievement Awards at BlackBerry World and there 3 apps to vote on. The Achievement Awards are a little suspect as there are only 3 apps in the finals and they’re all developed by large enterprise organizations. In any case, if you’re a fan of any of these apps, you can head over and vote. The voting site closes 5:00pm EST on Tuesday May 3rd.