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13 Bugs With the BlackBerry Z10 That Need Fixing


I’ve had a BlackBerry Z10 now since the launch in NYC and while it’s a fun touchscreen device, there are still, to this day, bugs in the OS that give me headaches. Perhaps BlackBerry needs to invest more money in QA, or perhaps I just have some weird magnetic field around my body that breaks technology. Either way, if other, less forgiving users, had the same headaches I’ve been getting with a device, they would probably be switching to another device or platforms. I’ve documented just 13 of the common headaches I’ve been getting with my Z10 and keep in mind, these are all still happening to this day, even on the latest OS There are some I haven’t documented but could describe, such as the odd times when my browser doesn’t provide me any options other than to exit and I have no idea why. Read on for screenshots.
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PlayOn for BlackBerry 10 Gives You Netflix, Hulu and HBO GO


PlayOn is an app that, with the purchase of the PlayOn Media Server, gets you access to Netflix, Hulu and HBO GO. The Media Server pricing ranges from $25/year to a one-time $50 purchase. Once downloaded, you’ll be able to stream online videos directly to your device. It’s an interesting workaround to the lack of Netflix on BlackBerry 10 and if you’re ready to dish out the Media Server costs, it looks like a great deal.
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10 Interesting BlackBerry 10 Design Considerations


Todd Wood, VP of Design with BlackBerry, and Don Lindsay, VP of User Experience know a lot of incredible details about BlackBerry 10 and its supported devices. A couple months ago at BlackBerry Live, they outlined some of the lesser-known design decisions that went into the latest BlackBerry 10 devices, and I put together a list of 10 of the more interesting nuances. It’s pretty interesting to see all the different design decisions that go into making a smartphone and it gives you a better appreciation of the tool you have in your hand.
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The Predicktor Shows Apple’s Prudeness and Scores One for BlackBerry


The Predicktor is a great app. It combines humour and education to bring to light a sensitive subject in sex education that is important to at least 50% of the population: penis size. The app takes a variety of data including height and shoe size, and combines data from medical journals, to provide a prediction about a man’s penis size. The idea is part novelty (how accurate is it?), part humour (it’s funny to predict penis size), part game (girls can do it for fun) and part education (people should know penis size doesn’t deviate much within groups of the same diet and genetics). The app’s developer recently wrote me to say that the app was denied by Apple for being too graphic (bear in mind that there are no pornographic images), but it has been approved on BlackBerry World and is available for BlackBerry 10 users.
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10 BlackBerry 10 Tips and Tricks: Q10, Q5 and Z10 Users Must Read


At BlackBerry Live 2013, there was an awesome session with Jeff Gadway, Marketing, and Michael Clewley, Software Product Management, at BlackBerry. They had some great tips and tricks for your BlackBerry 10 device. Some of these you may or may not know. We’ve condensed the presentation into 10 great tips and tricks. Check them out.
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The Woody: Real Wood Cases for the BlackBerry Z10 with Custom Engraving


A short while ago the good folks at The Woody sent me an all-wood bamboo BlackBerry Z10 case. I’ve always though of wood products for high tech to be a bit of a novelty but the truth is nothing beats the feeling or the look of real wood. Continue reading ‘The Woody: Real Wood Cases for the BlackBerry Z10 with Custom Engraving’