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Star Contacts for Blackberry v.1.0 for BlackBerry Reviewed!


Contact managers can be handy for those who need a little more dirt on their contacts, only to add it to a swelling Address Book. That’s precisely what Star Contacts by Sparkle Solutions Inc. is for. It’s a comprehensive address and contact management software. It can hold thorough Home, Business and Personal Information of your contacts, and offers users a better – a faster and more receptive – search engine than that of the Address Book that comes standard with every BlackBerry device. Though I’m often a skeptic when it comes to contact managers – they’re always trumpeting the “nicer, better, faster” mantra – I decided to give this one a try and was, in some instances, pleasantly surprised.

Star Contacts for Blackberry v.1.0 for BlackBerry Review Quick Links


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BlackBerry Cool adds Facebook fan page


FacebookSo, we’ve had our Facebook group for awhile now, but they just launched Fan Pages which look great. Not only is it a different layout, but by becoming a fan of something, it shows up in your profile for all to view. Application development is a go for the new pages too, which will let us tweak out the BlackBerry Cool page with some handy functions, like an RSS reader. If you’ve got your own organization that you’re looking to promote, you should look into making a page – it’s a great new addition to Facebook. We’ll be retiring the old group, so make sure to join the fan page here.


BBCool feature returns from the grave


ZombieSince the site reskin, we lost a few of our old features, such as our ever-popular Wallpaper Generator. Well, we’ve got it back, along with a few new pages. If you’re a BlackBerry professional (or you’re looking for BlackBerry professionals), be sure to check out our revamped Job Board. For those looking for something a little more light-hearted, we have new Free Software and Free Themes pages, which will be updated regularly as we stumble upon new stuff. Find something that should be up there? Drop us a line at info AT blackberry cool dot com with your suggestions! Finally, our Wallpaper Generator is purring like a kitten after much trouble. If you’ve got an image that you want to see on your BlackBerry minus all the fuss of Photoshop, pop it into the generator, and you’ll get it custom fit for your BlackBerry. We’re working hard to get the old Software and Hardware Guides back up, so keep your eyes peeled!

PHP Web Developer opening at BBCool


BBCool wants YOUYeah, you read us all day long, but maybe that’s just not enough. Maybe you love us so much, that you wish upon shooting stars to someday, someday be a part of the BlackBerry Cool magic. Well, my friend, the day has come to meet your destiny. The day where you are dared to live the dream.

Must be an expert in:

At least a working knowledge of:

Bonus Round:
Xoops / Other open source CMS/Blogging software
The Facebook Platform

More info behind the jump.

BlackBerry Cool hits up Jaiku and WidSets


BBCoolJust in case you might not be getting your daily fix of BBCool, we’ve got two new ways to get your dose. We’re now feeding posts to the ever-popular Jaiku, and have just been recently introduced to a cool new service called WidSets, which allows you to get customized feeds to your mobile via particular widget subscriptions. Still learning the kinks in WidSets, but it’s looking very promising. Don’t forget that we’ve still got our Facebook group, Viigo feed, twitter page, and are still working on getting MyBlogLog integrated with the site.

BlackBerry Cool announces WES iPod winner!!


BlackBerry Cool WES iPodWith the month of May now days past, the BlackBerry Cool staff thought it was about time we announced the winner of the iPod contest we held for WES showgoers in Orlando. Contestants had to hit a super-secret URL that could be discovered only at WES or by listening to our Day 3 WES podcast. The turnout was great, and we’re planning more contests like this in the future (stay tuned), but I’m sure the only thing really any of you care about is who won, right? And so, the 1GB iPod Shuffle (in BlackBerry Cool Blue) goes to:

Paul Mintsoulis!

Congrats, Paul! You’ll be hearing from us soon.