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Presidential posse leaving BlackBerrys at home for Olympics


President Bush in ChinaUS President Bush is on his way to China for the Olympics beginning Friday, and staffers accompanying him will be without BlackBerrys for the duration due to security concerns. Wow, top-shelf bureaucrats without BlackBerrys? That’s going to be rough for them. To be fair, Chinese hotels have been forced by the local government to install spy software which will monitor guests’ internet usage, which puts wireless monitoring not that far-fetched. Is the presidential staff justified in leaving their BlackBerrys at home, or is this just the Chinese version of the Patriot Act? One way or the other, the Hong Kong BlackBerry 9000 launch wasn’t too long ago, so there may very well be a few Bolds floating through the crowds at the 2008 summer Olympics in Beijing before the show’s over.

(CBS via Pinstack)


BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Episode 7


BrokeItSimon Sage takes his maiden voyage on the BlackBerry Cool Podcast, talking with Karl Susman from BrokeIt.com about the week’s big news, as well as a few juicy new tidbits. Last Friday’s BIS blackout and RIM’s site updates are on the plate, along with some of Karl’s inside info on T-Mobile’s upcoming BlackBerry 8320. After that, we go over Sprint’s BlackBerry 8130 and the future of streaming video on BlackBerry. Then we take a turn to location-based services, talking about SameCell, the free proximity detection service. To cap it all off, we get a full run-down of the upcoming Desktop Media Manager and new multimedia sharing functions. Take a listen! You know you wanna.

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