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QNX Rumored to be Developing Software for BlackBerry Tablet aka BlackPad


blackberry tablet mockup

Details and rumors are trickling out about the BlackBerry tablet aka the BlackPad. The latest of rumors is that the software the device will be running is developed by QNX Software Systems, the company recently acquired by RIM for $200M. QNX has a lot of experience making integrated systems that run in your car, home as well as business sectors such as industrial and medical fields.

It would be really interesting to see RIM’s tablet entering the enterprise market with its gold standard security and a cool new software system. Someone close to RIM has recently said that the BlackPad is designed to capitalize on RIM’s strength with corporate customers, particularly with email. The tablet will be closely integrated with the BlackBerry’s email system and will have similar security for messaging, the person said.
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BlackBerry Tablet “BlackPad” to be Priced at $499 and Available in November



Rumor has it that the BlackBerry Tablet, which could possibly be named the BlackPad, will be priced at $499 and launch as early as November. So far, we’ve heard the tablet will be a companion device to the BlackBerry and may have the following specs:

  • A 9.7 inch display
  • No Mobile Network connectivity
  • Bluetooth
  • WiFi
  • Front and rear facing cameras

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RIM Purchases the BlackPad.com Domain in Anticipation of Tablet?


blackpad registration

The domain BlackPad.com has been registered by RIM and it looks like it could be a precursor to the launch of a BlackBerry tablet. We have heard the tablet could be named the Cobalt but maybe this means BlackPad is the final name.

It should be noted that RIM owns 4,280 other domains and a domain purchase isn’t necessarily proof of anything. Research in Motion also has registered BlackBerryPorn.com but that doesn’t mean they’re getting in the porno business.

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BlackBerryCool Roundup for the Week of May 10th


This was a great week for BlackBerry news. The hot stories this week are the first video of the Bold slider and the clamshell, as well as the new details about the BlackBerry tablet. The BlackBerry tablet is an interesting product/accessory from RIM as it’s not clear what value it brings to BlackBerry users, since we’ve learned it will have no connectivity of its own, but rather act as a smartphone companion. In the end, it seems the BlackPad will only serve as a larger screen for when you want to view media on your BlackBerry, and unless there is really compelling software for it, it probably won’t be a hit.
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BlackBerry Tablet Software Will Make or Break the Product


According to the latest rumors, the BlackBerry tablet aka the BlackPad aka the BlackBerry Cobalt, will be a “companion device” much like the Palm Foleo. The device will have no cellular connectivity, but will rely on either a Bluetooth or WiFi connection. The device is slated for a December launch, but it’s very possible we’ll see something earlier. Also in the rumor mill: the device will be focused on multimedia such as photos, web browsing, ebooks etc.

I’m still very torn on the idea of a BlackBerry tablet, but I’m also not sold on tablets in general. What is the point when you have a smartphone, a laptop and a desktop? The only thing that’s going to sell me on a tablet is the software. I bet we’ll start to see some incredible apps coming out for the iPad in the near future, as Apple has had great success in attracting bright developers to their platform. RIM has had success attracting enterprise developers and companies that can leverage the power of the device for business, but in terms of media and games the platform is still far behind the competitors. So if this BlackBerry tablet is going to be focused on media, BlackBerry’s greatest weakness, and software is the only thing that’s going to save this device, it’s not clear whether the product makes any sense at this point in time.


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BlackBerryCool Roundup for Week of May 3rd


This was a decent week in the BlackBerry world as we’ve got a nice mix of new apps, leaks and news. Probably the hottest topic right now is the BlackBerry tablet or “BlackPad”. The tablet could be a huge success if RIM takes an enterprise approach, as it’s a market that no other smartphone can dominate in the way that RIM can. It would be interesting to see how the BlackBerry tablet form factor transforms the way large organizations do business. This week we also some more pictures of the upcoming BlackBerry slider and clamshell. The slider form factor looks really interesting, especially if it’s a touchscreen and QWERTY hybrid. The clamshell doesn’t seem to be a big hit with readers, as we get some really negative comments each time it’s mentioned. Hit the jump to get caught up on a week in BlackBerry.
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