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5 GPS Games to Play With Your BlackBerry


I just read a cool article over at PCPro about 5 GPS-based games you can play with your BlackBerry. While most of the newer devices have GPS, the ones that don’t can use cell-tower triangulation which in urban centers is just as reliable.

1. Geocaching

Geocaching is probably the best GPS-based game you can play with your BlackBerry. It has a huge community and you can get involved at geocaching.com. The idea is simple, drop a package, log its coordinates, and someone else will find it. Blackstar for BlackBerry is the app to check out for this game.

2. Geodashing

Geodashing is a game about points not prizes. The goal of the game is to visit as many randomly selected locations as possible, which are chosen by the Geodashing computer. To score points, you must come within 100 meters of the coordinates, and be able to describe the location or prove you’ve been there with a picture.
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