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Premium Blockade Tetris-Style Game Available for $0.99


blockade tetris style game

We’ve been tracking the progress of Blockberry, a Tetris-style game that was available free on Papped’s website. The game has been updated with more features and is now available as a premium game for $0.99. In the latest version of Blockade, the game features:

  • Supports saving of games and loading. Stop a game and resume it later!
  • Native Blackberry application now rather than a Java midlet.
  • Improved background processing and game always pauses when game is interrupted.
  • Signed application.
  • Blocks change color when they lock into place.
  • Prompt on exit, other UI popups added.
  • New sounds and music.
  • Much faster loading and quitting.

Get more information about Blockade and download at this link.

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BlockBerry Tetris Clone Game Updated with Storm and Torch Support



Papped let us know that the popular Tetris clone game BlockBerry has been updated to support the Storm and Torch. A few improvements and bug fixes have been made as well including:

v6.03 (Torch + Storm versions only)

  • Game no longer needs to be started in portrait mode. It will correctly force portrait mode.

v6.01 (Torch + Storm versions only)

  • Redesigned level select, options and score entry screens.
  • Support for touchscreen controls, trackpad controls and keyboard controls (Torch only).
  • Changed Tetris sound back to original (Torch only).

Download the donationware Tetris clone game BlockBerry from Papped.

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Free BlackBerry Tetris Game Alternative BlockBerry



A while back we told you about a free Tetris game for BlackBerry called BBTetris. The game is a decent free alterternative to the Tetris that I believe EA has the rights to distribute for BlackBerry. The free version is now called BlockBerry, and is on version 5.78. The latest version saves your sound settings and improves the Storm experience.

Here are the OTA links for the game:

95xx Storm Version (Start the game in portrait mode. It won’t display correct if you launch it in Landscape)
9000 Bold Version
97xx(Bold2) / 96xx(Tour) / 89xx(Curve) Version
83xx(Curve) / 85xx / 88xx Version
82xx Pearl Flip Version
81xx Pearl Version


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Knockoff BlackBerrys in China Including BlockBerry and BlueBerry



With BlackBerry set to touch down in China, ChinaDaily.com have put together an editorial about black market BlackBerrys and in particular, the famous knockoff devices like the BlockBerry and BlueBerry.

According to the article, many Chinese buyers purchase smuggled and fake BlackBerrys because they’re cheaper yet still carry the brand prestige. The BlackBerry and smartphone market is quickly becoming like the rest of the luxury goods market: swamped with fakes.
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Chinese BlackBerry clone calls itself BlockBerry



In Chinese this reads “”Obama have BlackBerry, I have BlockBerry.” This BlockBerry device is a Windows Mobile 6.1 BlockBerry with a 460MHZ processor, a 3.2-inch touchscreen, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, and supports 3G and EDGE.

Does this mean that the above device is a BlockBerry Storm? I can’t wait until they launch the BlockBerry Tour in China.