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Download the BlackBerryCool Native App by JoeMobi


JoeMobi is a really cool service that we recently took for a spin. The app lets any WordPress blog easily create a native app for BlackBerry with push notifications and a custom design. The entire app creation process takes about 20 minutes and you’re provided with an OTA link at the end. Hit the jump for more details.
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RIM Launches BlackBerry Business Blog at bizblog.blackberry.com


blackberry business blog

The latest official BlackBerry blog to launch is the BlackBerry Business Blog and its goal is to “deliver insights from RIM subject matter experts about product information, best practices, and tips and tricks for business use of BlackBerry.” It’s an interesting strategy to break up RIM’s official blog into a series of focused blogs but it’s not clear what the value is. Breaking up the blogs would make sense if you have so much content that you’re overwhelming a single domain but Inside BlackBerry sometimes doesn’t post for a few days at a time. Gawker blogs will do around 50 posts per day and readers have no trouble with this. Either way, if you’re looking for insight from RIM about BlackBerry for business, there might be some value there.

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Blogs influencing your mobile purchases


the critic

A recent survey of US consumers by Ad-Ology research shows that wireless blogs like BlackBerry Cool have far more power over what device you’ll buy than ever before. 60% of those surveyed stated that their mobile phone purchase had been influenced by online product reviews and user comments, while 30% said that blogs have the same level of influence.

“This is the modern day version of ‘word-of-mouth’ advertising,” said C. Lee Smith, president and CEO of Ad-ology Research. “Advertisers have always known the immense value of positive ‘word-of-mouth’. Now consumers have a whole world of opinions and reviews available online, and this survey shows how much they value that kind of information.”

Of course, with great power comes great responsibility. BlackBerry Cool promises to always give you the straight goods on which BlackBerry you should purchase. Post a comment and let us know which factors influence your purchasing decisions and whom you trust the most.

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Mobile Purchase Survey Findings

WES Exhibitor Spotlight: SpinVox


SpinVox does one thing: turn voice into text, in quite a lot of ways. Using their various products you can get voicemails emailed to you immediately, write to your blog by simply speaking into your phone, speak message and have it sent as text to any or all of your friends, dictate a memo and have it sent straight to your email, and quite a bit more. Their products page allows you to simply tell them what you’d like to do, and they’ll show you what service are applicable. Who knows what new applications of the SpinVox engine will come out of their booth at WES?

Sprint mad scientists deprive employees of wireless


ScientistSprint’s kicked off an interesting project called SpeedBlogs, currently following the progress of 7 Sprint employees who have had their handhelds brutally stripped away from them. These are heavy-duty users, so there’s some serious withdrawal symptoms going on here. They’re on Day 3 of the blogs, and should provide as a great case study for future crackberry addicts, especially Dana who’s giving up her BlackBerry 7100. The project is following the whole masochistic, Big Brother, “let’s watch people suffer” thing, but wireless addiction is becoming more of a discernible reality with studies like this. For science!