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Coming Soon to BlackBerry 10: Bad Piggies, Sina Weibo, Banking and More


If BlackBerry is really going to nail the consumer market, it has to get all the right apps in place. To do this, BlackBerry will have to use a combination of growing its user base, making development easier and going as far as paying for certain apps. It seems this strategy is well underway. Hit the jump to see what apps are coming to BlackBerry 10.
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RIM dominates the top selling smartphones in Q3



The BlackBerry Curve 8300 was the top selling smartphone in the US again, according to the NPD Group. RIM beat out the iPhone 3GS and 3G which came in second and third. What really drove home sales for RIM was taking the rest of the top 5 with the Tour and Storm.

NPD is saying the BOGO campaigns (Buy One Get One) were largely responsible for the Curve taking the lead, and prices for the devices are lower than ever. Globally, prepaid BlackBerry plans are driving sales, and regions such as Asia and Latin America are going to be big revenue generators for RIM.

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Can the BlackBerry 8350i help save Sprint-Nextel?


One of the surprises of CTIA last week was the stealth announcement of the Sprint-Nextel BlackBerry 8350i for their oft-neglected iDEN network — if I remember correctly, the last iDEN BlackBerry was the 7100i (ugh). One of the major reasons Sprint has been hemorrhaging subscribers recently is a lack of quality devices, and the release of a sleek BlackBerry to satisfy their nearly 10 million iDEN subscribers could help stop the bleeding.

However, analyst Craig Moffett of Sanford C. Bernstein doesn’t share my rosy outlook, mostly because of the current economic and wireless climate: in short, wireless subscriber growth is slowing, which doesn’t bode well for Sprint-Nextel picking up lost ground. Here’s a question: would anyone jump to Nextel because of the BlackBerry 8350i?

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