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Free Blu-ray Remote for BlackBerry By Pocket BLU



Pocket BLU have released a BlackBerry app that lets your BlackBerry communicate directly with your Blu-ray player. The app has some decent features and it seems like it can replace your Blu-ray remote, which is great because I personally lose remotes all the time. Features include:

  • View select content (deleted scenes, bonus content, etc) anywhere by streaming, over the internet, directly to the mobile device or downloading to the device to enable viewing even when not connected to the internet. This feature is only available on high-end devices.
  • Control playback and on-screen menus of the movie just like a traditional remote.
  • Simplify chat and registration by entering text directly onto the on-screen edit boxes using the keypad on the mobile device.

Download the Pocket BLU app free OTA by hitting http://ow.ly/15z8b from your BlackBerry. You can also grab it from their site.

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Blu-ray content and remote coming to BlackBerry



Soon, you will be able to transfer downloadable content and interactive features from your Blu-ray Disc to your BlackBerry. With BD Touch, you’ll also be able to use your BlackBerry as a remote control for a compatible Blu-ray player (If supported by playback device).

Features of this new software include:

* Transfer media from Blu-ray player to handheld device
* Remote control – control movie playback using handheld device
* Keyboard – use handheld device keyboard to enter data to player
* Create games based on title that interact with handheld device
* Multiple handheld devices can integrate with a single BD disc
* simultaneously – multi-player games!

Go to the Netblender site to learn more about this product.