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New BlackBerry Accessories coming this summer!


BlackBerry Stereo HeadsetsWith every company in the BlackBerry ecosystem recovering from an epic post-WES hangover (including us), you can expect breaking news and announcements to start slowing to a trickle during the dog days of summer. That’s why it was so great to receive these images in our inbox today: new BlackBerry accessories for summertime fun!

It looks like with the nascent BlackBerry Bold and RIM’s increasing consumer focus, we’ll finally be getting decent headsets to use for media playback. BBCool HQ is hoping that the stereo headsets with inline media controls will come standard with every BlackBerry, but the ‘Premium’ in their name makes it seem unlikely.

What else? A new charging pod for the BlackBerry Curve (available May 30th, and similar to the one already available for the BlackBerry Pearl) and more shots of RIM’s highly anticipated Bluetooth Stereo Gateway, this time for your car! Post a comment and tell us what you think.

(Thanks to Ted for the tip!)

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