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Bluetooth 4.0 is Ready to Roll by End of Q2 2010


Bluetooth have published a press release saying they are “ready to roll” with Bluetooth 4.0, and it is expected to launch by the end of Q2. Bluetooth 4.0 will feature a low energy mode, which is expected to make some big waves in m-health, sports and fitness, security and home entertainment scenarios where button-cell battery devices proliferate.

Bluetooth 4.0 is a combination of three specifications: classic Bluetooth technology, Bluetooth low energy technology, and Bluetooth high speed technology. These three specifications can be combined or used separately depending on the device’s needs. Another awesome update is that while current Bluetooth has a range of around 30 feet, Bluetooth 4.0 will be able to be optimized for a range of 200 feet and more.

It should be interesting to see what implications this will have for BlackBerry and apps, particularly with this new range. Anything really cool with Bluetooth has always been a little impeded by its short range, and I think we’re going to see some interesting networked apps. Even though Bluetooth 4.0 will be launching end of Q2, it will obviously take some time after that before we see it on BlackBerry. Perhaps we’ll see it on all OS 6 devices.

More details available in the press release.

RIM Acquire Automotive Infotainment Company QNX Software


RIM just announced their acquisition of QNX Software, a company specializing in in-car infotainment. To get a better idea of what they do, just watch the above YouTube clip. In the product demo, they use an iPhone, but I guess that will be changing soon enough. If this acquisition is a means to get more connectivity with a BlackBerry and a car, then we should be seeing some interesting new software. Currently, RIM’s automotive offerings extend to the Visor Mount and some other Bluetooth accessories, but the major integration is through third parties. Given many states and countries are now implementing hands-free laws, this might also have influenced RIM’s decisions.

Read the press release here.

Five years of Bluetooth on BlackBerry: Current and Future Implementations


Back in ’94, Bluetooth was invented and standardized to be a wireless cable replacement technology. After a long battle with adoption and interoperability, Bluetooth is now standard issue in most smartphones, road-ready laptops, and a slew of other devices that connect to them wirelessly. Originally created to replace RS-232 serial cable, Bluetooth is now built into all manners of electronics, over 10,000 product lines in total.

The mobile phone, automotive, computing, and consumer electronic industries have come together to make technology easier and better for everyone. When it was first being pitched, marketers spoke of dreams of the Personal Area Network or PAN. The promises of the PAN was more than a little science-fictiony, with fantasies of doors opening like Star Trek and house keys being obsolete.

The first Bluetooth-enabled phone launched a decade ago. RIM’s first Bluetooth-enabled device was the now-famous BlackBerry 7290, which curiously enough came in blue.

This is how the Personal Area Network is shaping up for BlackBerry users five years after RIM started supporting Bluetooth.
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VQ CarFinder App Exceeds 100,000 Downloads


Xpressions Inc. let us know that their app VQ CarFinder has now been downloaded by over 100,000 BlackBerry users. The Xpressions team did a great job of promoting their app with great contests, funny video and constantly checking in with the BlackBerry blogs.

You can try VQ Carfinder for yourself on a free trial or $4.99 in the BlackBerryCool Store.

VQ Mileage Tracker for BlackBerry With Automated Tracking


The team behind VQ CarFinder have launched VQ Mileage Tracker that captures date, time, distance, and the address you arrived at. The app prides itself on making everything automated without needing any input from the user. When you want to submit an expense report, the data has been automatically collected and is ready to process. To use the automatic mode, you need Bluetooth in your car. By having a Bluetooth setup, the app can automatically register when your car starts and parks.

If you’d like to pick up a copy of VQ CarFinder, it’s on sale for $6.99 until Mar 28. Afterwards, it jumps up to $14.99. More information in the BlackBerryCool Store.

Spracht Aura EQ Bluetooth Headset – 8 Band EQ


Spracht, a little company from Mountain View, California, made a new and cool Bluetooth headset. Sure, everyone has noise cancellation and wind protection and full duplex. Blah blah blah. Spracht’s new Aura EQ launches with a few cool features. First, it is capacitive, so you slide your finger up the headset to raise the volume or slide it down to lower it, all the way to mute. Next, you have the ability to adjust the audio with an 8 Band EQ. Finally, in true Whisper 2000 fashion, you can turn the headset into an audio booster so you can hear better in noisy situations, like CES. Expect the Spracht Audio EQ in March with pricing around $79.