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Wes 2008 Keynote: Jim Balsillie, the Wireless Leadership Awards, Bob Picciano and Ray Kurzweil (Live Blog!)


Jim Balsillie and Douglas SoltysTo make up for yesterday, I’m at the keynote early, and in great position right up front. Compared to yesterday, the general session room is nearly empty, but that’s not going to deter me from live blogging my face off. Keep refreshing this page for the latest updates!

1:58pm Now it’s starting to fill up. I guess everyone was trying to squeeze in one more hallway meeting before we get started. At WES, you basically have to do everything on the move, or you will never get anywhere or do anything.

2:02pm BBCool Simon has just arrived, a very tall head in the crowd. Same format as yesterday: I’m on the blog, Simon on the Twitter and the Flckr.

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