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BlackBerry App World sort of offering Buy-One-Get-One free



Adam from CB got news that RIM are sort of offering a Buy One Get One Free deal in App World from now until January 12th, 2010. The promotion works in that when you purchase 2 apps, you can get up to $15 back on your second application, of equal or lesser value. It’s a slightly awkwardly worded campaign but it’s the thought that counts. Refunds can take up to 4-6 weeks or by February 23,2010.

Register for App World’s BOGO campaign today.

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Buy One Get One sale for MiNimal and Shattered BlackBerry themes



HxDrummerxC Themes have released a new theme called MiNimal and as a holiday sale, they’re offering a discount on the theme, as well as a BOGO promotion on their popular Shattered Zen theme. All-in-all, you’re getting the MiNimal them at 20% off, and the Shattered Zen theme free with purchase.

The sale starts today and runs until January 2nd.

Purchase the MinNimal theme for $3.99 (regularly $5.00).

Get the Shattered Zen theme bundled for free (regularly $4.99) bundled, or buy it individually for $2.

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Reminder: Twinkler Software BOGO sale final day



Just had to remind everyone that Twinkler Software are running a BOGO campaign that ends tonight at midnight. With the purchase of any of the below products, you get a second free:

Buy AddOnis – Get WiFi Hero FREE! (Regular Price: $14.94 / A $4.99 value FREE)
Buy WiFi Hero – Get AddContactX FREE! (Regular Price: $7.98 / A $2.99 value FREE)
Buy SendX – Get AddContactX FREE! (Regular Price: $5.98 / A $2.99 value FREE)
Buy AddContactX – Get SendX FREE! (Regular Price $5.98 / A $2.99 value FREE)

Remember, the sale is designed as a bundle so be sure to check out the bundle section in our store.

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What would you buy with the Verizon BOGO campaign?


So now that the Verizon BlackBerry Storm 9550 is live and they’re offering a Buy One Get One free campaign, what would you buy? Personally, I like the idea but I think it’s a bit of a scam. Everything that you get “free”, will cost you monthly, except for the Netbook, which is currently out of stock. Coincidence?

ED NOTE: Apologies, you actually do need a monthly plan for a netbook. I figured you could get WiFi on the device and avoid the data plan but that’s not the case.

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Verizon is offering a new BOGO promotion but should you buy?



Verizon is bringing back the Buy One Get One promotion but this time you don’t have to get a free BlackBerry as your second device. Your second device can now include a netbook or mobile broadband device to complement your BlackBerry.

The promotion applies to the BlackBerry Tour, Storm and all other BlackBerry devices on the Verizon network. The deal starts today and ends on the 10th of October.

Personally, I say don’t take the bait. Verizon is scrambling to offload their BlackBerry devices in preparation for the Back-to-School and holiday season, when we’ll be seeing a plethora of new devices hit the market. While many of these new devices will be carrier specific, and may not apply to Verizon, there are some great devices in the pipe.

It all depends on how often you replace your BlackBerry. If you can afford to replace your device every six months, then go for it. But if you’re looking for a device once per year, then I really suggest you wait. Verizon will almost certainly be getting the BlackBerry Storm 2 around the holiday season, so save your money.



Verizon ends Buy One Get One promotion – Storm and Curve reduced



Verizon had an incredibly successful Buy One Get One promotion for BlackBerry devices but sadly it’s coming to an end. While today may be the official end date, Verizon will honor the BOGO promo through June 27th due to active advertising.

On the bright side, while the BOGO promotion is finished, BlackBerry devices that were under the BOGO promotion will be reduced by $50. This means great savings on the Curve and Storm.