BOLT Browser 2.3 Delivers Full Support for HTML5 Audio and Video Streaming


bolt browser widget

The latest update to the BOLT Browser, version 2.3, comes with a host of new features including HTML5 audio streaming to complement the HTML5 video streaming added in BOLT 2.1, and also includes enhanced inline text editing, cloud-based backup of your favorites and the addition of Ustream.tv to the list of Flash video sites supported by BOLT. The latest version of the BOLT browser also includes new Mobile Widgets. BOLT 2.3’s widget gallery features weather, Wikipedia, and dictionary widgets, along with an improved Twitter widget and a brand new Facebook widget.

For a full list of features and free download of BOLT 2.3 visit boltbrowser.com.

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Bitstream Updates BOLT Mobile Browser to Version 2.11


Today, Bitstream updated their BOLT mobile browser to version 2.11. The 2.11 release includes important updates that address server response times which eliminates the problem on some websites that has caused BOLT to hang at 20 percent on the progress bar, as well as improves Twitter use. Although there are no new features in this release, Bitstream strongly recommends all users update to this new version for an improved mobile browsing experience.

Download the BOLT browser from Bitstream.

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Third Party BlackBerry Browser uZard for the Bold 9000


Currently, there are a couple of third party browsers for BlackBerry including BOLT and Opera Mini. They are decent alternatives to the native browser, which everyone knows will be getting an update with the next generation of devices. The latest 3rd party browser on the market is uZard by Logicplant. The browser is currently only available for the Bold 9000, but the app will work on several devices.

The updated BlackBerry browser is going to ship with OS 6, which we’ve heard won’t be available for many older devices. Even though third party browsers are seriously limited in how they can integrate with the device, they will serve as a decent alternative for those devices that won’t be getting an OS 6 and new browser upgrade.

Check out uZard for the BlackBerry Bold 9000 and let us know what you think.

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Bistream Launch 2nd Generation of BOLT Browser


Bistream has announced the 2nd generation of its BOLT browser. BOLT 2.1 brings the browser out of beta testing and comes with tighter integration with Facebook and support for HTML5 video as well as several new Flash video streaming websites.

With the BOLT browser, users can watch HTML5 videos including youtube.com, cnn.com and video.google.com. Other great features of BOLT include tabbed browsing, a faster widget gallegy with a new UI and a server upgrade to WebKit 4.03. The latest BOLT browser is also available to OEMs and mobile network operators who want to co-brand and white label the service.

BOLT 2.1 and BOLT Lite is available for free at boltbrowser.com. Consumers who have downloaded previous versions of BOLT will be prompted through the application to upgrade the browser.

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BOLT Browser 1.7 Adds Widgets, Twitter Integration and More


bolt browser

The BOLT browser has been updated to version 1.7 and it now features widgets, keyboard shortcuts, Twitter integration, Russian and Spanish language support as well an enhanced download manager and increased support for streaming video.

Although BOLT can run web-based apps that use Ajax and Javascript, such as the Facebook game Mafia Wars, widgets allow the browser to run self-contained Web apps that run directly from within BOLT. These web apps load and execute faster than website-based applications. BOLT users can discover, select and install specific Web apps through a BOLT Widget Gallery. BOLT’s widgets are written as standard W3C widgets, a standard with broad industry support.

For more details, see the press release.

To download the BOLT browser, head over to boltbrowser.com from your device.

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Bolt Browser Udpated to Version 1.62 With Speed Improvements



Bitstream have updated the Bolt browser and it’s now at version 1.62. The latest build is a little faster than before but there isn’t anything major to report. With RIM’s updated browser on the way, you have to wonder how companies like Bolt and Opera are going to survive in the BlackBerry space. While they have a competitive advantage being the first to market, they’ll always be lacking in that they will probably never get the deep integration needed for a good browser.

Try the new Bolt browser by grabbing it OTA at boltbrowser.com/beta/boltbb.jad.

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