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BOLT Browser updated to version 1.6


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The popular third party browser BOLT has been updated to version 1.6 with some new features and enhancements to increase page loading speeds.

BOLT version 1.6 includes full socket-based connectivity which is said to increase the page rendering speed of BOLT by as much as 15 percent. The latest version also includes a new password manager, allowing usernames and passwords to be saved by the browser for easier and faster logins. Other features include:

  • Streams videos from popular video services such as YouTube.
  • Copy and paste text.
  • Uploads video and photo files directly to websites from browser.
  • Only major WebKit based cloud computing browser.
  • BOLT is available for free download at http://boltbrowser.com.

    Something on everyone’s mind as the latest BOLT version is released, is what will happen to the third party browser market once RIM releases their updated WebKit browser? Will companies like Bitstream stay far enough ahead to remain relevant?

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    BOLT Browser for BlackBerry out of beta and into version 1.5


    bolt browser

    The BOLT mobile browser has been through eight months of beta testing and the developers, Bitstream, are now ready to launch out of beta into version 1.5.

    The browser has so far been downloaded 2 million times and rendered in excess of 200 million web pages. The latest iteration of the browser includes the following:

    • Cache Support to speed users’ ability to move quickly back and forth between the currently and previously viewed Web pages through the use of backward and forward navigation.
    • Download Manager for easy download of files directly from BOLT and the ability to save them to specific folders on the mobile phone (requires JSR75 support on the device).
    • Support for Streaming Videos of Any Length that overcomes limitations on some phones’ ability to stream videos of longer lengths. The new approach ensures video clips will play on all devices, for any length video.
    • Video Wizard to assist users in configuring their device for optimal video playback.
    • Dedicated Search Bar on home page, for easier and faster online searches.
    • Improved Ability to Manage RSS Feeds by allowing users to arrange and file feeds just as they do with their favorites and bookmarks.
    • Enhancements for Touch Screen Devices such as simple volume controls for the BOLT media player which now offers volume controls on the screen.
    • Enhancements for BOLT Servers in the cloud, which increase the already fast BOLT mobile browser by an additional 10 to 20 percent.

    Since RIM has acquired Torch Mobile, and it’s clear they have plans to upgrade their browser, one has to wonder about the fate of browsers such as BOLT and Opera Mini. On the one hand, the first out the gate has an incredible market advantage, but RIM has the trump card in the end, which is access to APIs that third party developers won’t ever have.

    Try the BOLT browser for yourself and let us know what you think.


    BOLT browser Beta3 official release with new features



    Today, the newest edition of BOLT (dubbed “Beta3”) has been officially released. There are some significant new features and improvements to this release of BOLT that are definitely worth checking out.

    Some of the latest updates for the Beta3 release of BOLT are the ability to copy and paste text from web pages, enhanced font rendering, inline entry of text into online forms and support for languages using Cyrillic alphabets.

    BOLT’s new features let users:
    • Copy and paste text
    • Enter and edit text directly within online text boxes
    • Upload files such as videos to YouTube or pictures to Photobucket
    • Order favorites and arrange them into custom folders
    • Toggle between viewing websites with or without images displayed

    BOLT Beta3 also includes many enhancements based on feedback from beta users, including:
    • Rendering bold, italics, superscript and other rich text styles
    • Enhanced rendering of complex web pages
    • Faster page rendering
    • Servers upgraded to WebKit 4

    Try the latest version of the BOLT browser for free.

    We’ve got some great screenshots to view as well. All of these screenshots were made using a BlackBerry Curve 8320 (due to the ubiquity of the device). You can also see screenshots of a couple of BOLT’s new features: the ability to arrange favorites in folders (“BOLT Grab” folder) and copy and pasting online text (“BOLT Copy” folder).
    Click through for screenshots

    BOLT browser by Bitstream hits 1 million downloads


    bolt browser

    Bitstream has had a great time since the public debut of their browser at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this past February. A surge in new installations has led to an earlier-than-anticipated milestone: BOLT has now been installed more than one million times. Since its introduction, BOLT users have consumed more than 22 terabytes (22,000 gigabytes) of data from 61 million web pages.

    The BOLT browser has several features that separate it from the competition:

    • Fast, secure, desktop-style web browsing on both high-end and low-end handsets
    • Streaming video capabilities
    • Split screen and full screen modes for easy navigation and viewing
    • Ability to easily add and select favorites and view browsing history
    • Intuitive keystroke shortcuts for easier navigation and content selection
    • Protection against spyware and malicious or faulty add-ons
    • 23:1 compression, which uses less data than competing browsers

    Download the BOLT browser, available for free to anyone as part of its public beta test.


    India emerges as BOLT browser’s second largest market


    Screenshot of BOLT.

    The BOLT mobile browser is the newest mobile browser available and there are some interesting facts that have come out of the public beta.

    India has emerged as the second largest market for BOLT. Although Bitstream is a US-based company, the engineering of BOLT was completed in Noida, India as well as Bangladesh.

    India’s users are enjoying social networking and video, with social networks Orkut and Peperonity being 2 of the top five sites visited by Indian users (Facebook is in the top 10). YouTube is also in the top five sites favored in India.

    Additional data:

    • 1 in 6 users of BOLT resides in India, the second largest market for BOLT outside North America.
    • There are 295 different models of phones used in India; 96 models in North America; 173 in Western Europe.
    • Whereas 2 of the top 25 phones in North America were feature phones, and just 1 of the top 25 phones in India were smartphones, in Europe is more balanced with 10 feature phones in the list of top 25 phones.


    BOLT BlackBerry browser updated with scrolling fix


    bolt browser

    The BOLT beta browser has recently been updated and you’ll appreciate some of the fixes. Some have been complaining that the browser has some scrolling issues and this has been corrected.

    BOLT’s new features include:

    * Significantly improved BlackBerry scrolling speed and control
    * A new 3XL (extra large) magnification mode with content 33.3 percent bigger than in 2XL
    * Double tap approach to select links on touchscreen devices like the BlackBerry storm (eliminates inadvertent clicks)
    * Wi-Fi auto-selection as default option when Wi-Fi is both enabled and available
    * Save and view pages locally on the phone
    * Support for folders in favorites
    * A new landscape viewing feature
    * Copy and paste feature
    * Improved magnifier dragging in split screen mode on the BlackBerry Storm
    * A user preferences page to reduce menu clutter, especially useful on BlackBerry smartphones where the native menu structure, without sub-menus, is utilized.

    Download a copy of the latest version of BOLT.