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Use Your BlackBerry 10 Camera to Scan Text in to a Document


Scan to Text is a BlackBerry 10 app by Yuri Salnikov that uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to turn words on paper into an editable document on your BlackBerry. Continue reading ‘Use Your BlackBerry 10 Camera to Scan Text in to a Document’

Interactive Book for Kids: Apolline & Leon – The Witch of The Tuileries


Apolline & Leon – The Witch of The Tuileries, is a children’s book that has been ported to the BlackBerry PlayBook and made fully interactive. As you can see from the above YouTube video, you can touch various elements of each page and something happens. The book is ideal for young children from 3 to 8, as they’re bound to have fun shaking clouds, steering boats, throwing balls, playing music and more. The only potential downside of a book like this, is that children may spend more time playing than actually learning to read. So it’s important to still emphasize the words and meanings.

Check out Apolline & Leon – The Witch of The Tuileries in App World.

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New Book: Brilliant BlackBerry Apps For Dummies


brilliant blackberry apps

We got a tip about a new book by Corey Sandler, a prolific writer of Dummies series books in the gadget space. His latest book is Brilliant BlackBerry Apps For Dummies, and it’s selling for $14.81 on Amazon. The book walks you through a list of apps from various categories and how to download and purchase them. Some of the apps highlighted include:
Continue reading ‘New Book: Brilliant BlackBerry Apps For Dummies’

Digby to sell Barnes & Noble books


BookBlackBerry shopping service provider, Digby, has announced that they’ll be carrying Barnes & Noble extensive selection of books in their store now. Digby’s all about letting BlackBerry users get anything their little hearts desire, and B&N is a good way of handling the literary crowd in one fell swoop. Of course, there’s still DailyLit out there for folks who just want bite-sized booky goodness on their BlackBerry.