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Borders Launches Free eBook Store with Free Books Upon Download


How do you find reading a book on your BlackBerry? While it might not be all that great on a small screen, one could assume the eBook market will see a huge surge in activity once a BlackBerry Tablet is launched. We have heard the BlackBerry Cobalt Tablet will be more like a smartphone companion, making ideal for reading your eBooks (which are pretty easy to find for free on a BlackBerry due to the open nature of the platform).

The free Borders eBook Store is powered by Kobo, which also has its own eBook app for BlackBerry. While the app is available for download right now, it’s probably best to hold off because between July 9-11, anyone who downloads the free Borders app will get 5 free top-selling books. These free top-selling books include Frankenstein by Dean Koontz, One Shot by Lee Child, The Alchemyst by Michael Scott, Julia Child’s Kitchen Wisdom and Master your Metabolism by Jillian Michaels.
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KOBO and Borders Group launch eBook service for BlackBerry



Borders Group have launched an eBook reader and service with KOBO, a spinoff of Indigo. The service is available on your BlackBerry, where you can easily download eBooks and read them on your device. The KOBO service plans to offer 1.8 million free books and another 200,000 at $9.99.

With a clean UI, a simple downloading process and a clean font, this app makes reading books on your BlackBerry very easy. To use the KOBO app, you must have OS 4.5 or greater.

To download head over to the kobobooks.com/blackberry and enter your email. You will promptly get an email with OTA links.