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Free BlackBerry Bold SodaBerry theme with Bottom Dock and Today Plus



A new free theme called ‘SodaBerry’ is a Today Plus theme with a bottom dock. The theme looks really clean and it’s incredibly easy on the eyes.

Sadly, the theme is only available for the BlackBerry Bold. We’ll be sure to keep you informed if this becomes available for more devices.

The theme was developed by RedZapper, with the icons designed by Alistair Roberts. RedZapper have recently updated the theme with the following:

– Shadow around icons in application screen removed (see new screenshot below)
– Emails go into one inbox, SMS/MMS goes into another inbox. You may want to keep both the email and SMS/MMS icons on the home screen.
– Modded more icons. Default icon background added for non-modded icons.

Download SodaBerry OTA for free for your BlackBerry Bold.