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BoxTone launch new mobile IT admin starter pack – BoxTone Essentials


Most users in the BlackBerry industry are familiar with the various mobile IT admin companies and BoxTone are among the leaders. BoxTone provide software and support for mobile IT administrators and they just launched a new product. Having received many requests for a mobile IT admin starter pack, they have launched the BoxTone Essentials.

The BoxTone Essentials package includes key capabilities from the core platform and modules packaged specially to help companies get started. This product is aimed at the entry level, for organizations of around 500 users. BoxTone have also included their SmartAlerts system which provides early warning of pending failures.

Features of BoxTone Essentials include:

  • End-to-End Visibility with the BoxTone Essentials Dashboard to see real time health across users and groups, BES, mail servers and carriers and drill down for more detail and take action.
  • Proactive Alerts with BoxTone Essentials SmartAlerting to be warned of pending issues and fix them before the user calls, such as high rescan rates/hung threads, carrier outages, SRP down or VIP issues.
  • The Answers with BoxTone Essentials User Console pinpoints the issue and directs resolution with knowledgebase full of simple repair instructions so you don’t have to be the expert.
  • Click to Fix with BoxTone Essentials 1-Click Fix-It so that you can quickly fix the issue without delay or the need to jump to other tools.

BoxTone Essentials is priced at under $10k for up to 500 users.

For more details, see the BoxTone Essentials site.


WES 2009: Follow the BoxTone Lounge on Twitter and win


lounge boxtone coveroo

We’re fast approaching WES 2009 and this year BoxTone is having a daily draw of laser etched BlackBerry cases by Coveroo. To win, you just have to follow @BoxTone_Lounge on Twitter and you might get randomly selected.

Once 1,000 Twits are following The Lounge, a random winner will be selected for a special prize.

Hope you win!

Join the BoxTone Lounge on Facebook.

Follow @BoxTone_Lounge on Twitter for your chance to win!

Follow BlackBerryCool on Twitter and join the discussion.



WES 2009: The Lounge sponsored by BoxTone


WES 2008 boxtone
Photo courtesy of BoxTone.

BoxTone will be hosting some great content at WES from their event The Lounge, sponsored by BoxTone. The Lounge will feature a variety of discussions during what they call the Birds of a Feather. Everyone is invited to stop by and hang out in The Lounge. We’ll be podcasting from The Lounge so you can also come meet BlackBerry Cool there. Check out some of the topics being discussed:

  • The In’s and Out’s of Managing > 3,000 Smartphones
  • Tweaking the BES Performance
  • Controlling IT Policies
  • Terms of Use & Employee Owned Devices
  • Migrating to BES 5.0

BoxTone will also be hosting a panel entitled, “Media Predictions: Top 3 Predictions in Next 3 years.” I’ll be presenting at this panel and although it’s not available to the general public, everything will be taped and made public soon after.


myBoxTone Insight keeps an eye on your BlackBerry’s stats


myBoxTone Insight for BlackBerryBoxTone just launched a free application for monitoring your BlackBerry’s health, and as someone who needs to count every kilobyte lest he be smoten by the Almighty Rogers Overage Charge, I can say this is a must-have for the heavy-duty BlackBerry user. Graphs show the progress of 24-hour monitoring of vital information like…

• Signal strength
• Battery remaining
• Memory free
• Data sent/received
• Calls made/duration

Solid app, and big ups to BoxTone for making the utility free to all. Hop in on the open beta at my.boxtone.com/insight.


BoxTone teams up with Interchange for UK service


Wonder Twins BoxTone partnered up with Neverfail just before WES, and now they’ve got one more buddy to add to their friends list. Interchange works on SalesNOW, a CRM solution, and will be distributing BoxTone modules and services across the UK. BT and O2 are among some of their shared customers, big names both, and will surely work to both of their advantages. After getting back from the UK, I was actually kind of surprising how few people had heard of BlackBerrys…

WES 08 Hangover Week: Audio Interview Round Up


microphoneKeeping with the ‘Long Weekend’ meme, we’ve decided to round up every audio interview from WES 2008. If you weren’t there, you missed quite a sight: Simon went completely bananas interviewing as many companies as possible, sometimes two at once. In honor of that dedication, you can find no less than six interviews in one post! Of course, you can always subscribe to our podcasts/interviews via RSS or iTunes

Click here for interviews!