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Vodafone BlackBerry Storm images leak (Updated!)


Vodafone BlackBerry Storm

UPDATE: We’ve added some more photos of the BlackBerry Storm that have turned up on the CrackBerry Forums after the jump.

Not one to let Verizon have all the fun by themselves, the Boy Genius has posted screen captures and renders of a Vodafone branded BlackBerry Storm. Nothing much to say here other than it looks slick and I want it. Oh yes, the text-input graphics look much improved over previous screenshots we had seen.

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Vodafone BlackBerry Storm Screenshots

First look at OS 5.0 for the BlackBerry Curve


blackberry os 5.0

Boy Genius has scored another scoop, but this time it’s not a new BlackBerry device. Rather, it’s the first (and extremely early) look at OS 5.0, shown here running on a BlackBerry 8310. So far in it’s early state it looks very much like OS 4.6, with the Alarm and Accessibility options seen on the BlackBerry Bold. However, there is one new feature to whet the appetite: the Files application, which appears to add network share access.

We’ll let you know if anything further develops with OS 5.0. Personally, I’m hoping for the ability to shoot lasers out of my BlackBerry, but that’s just me.

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BlackBerry OS 5.0 Screenshots

AT&T BlackBerry Bold might be coming October 2nd


pre-release at&t blackberry bold

The latest word from rumor czar the Boy Genius is that AT&T has finally settled on a launch date for the BlackBerry Bold: Thursday, October 2nd, with full store availability by the 6th. BG also states, however, that AT&T stores will be able to order the devices as early as September 24th, raising the question of whether store managers will cave and sell early if they arrive before the 2nd.

Of course, for those who just can’t wait, you could visit BlackBerryBusiness.com, which is selling pre-release AT&T Bolds right now at a fairly high markup OR you could enter CrackBerry’s excellent BlackBerry Unlock Code Contest.

Question of the day friends: can you hold out until October, or do you need a BlackBerry Bold right now?

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iPhone 3G and BlackBerry Bold go head to head


The battle of the titans has commenced, and the first to the fight is Boy Genius who put the iPhone 3G against the soon-to-be-released BlackBerry Bold. Factors such as enterprise functionality, build quality, e-mail, keyboard, design and battery life are taken were taken into account for the review. At the end of the day, it was a pretty locked fight, even when it came to the screen. The review states that the BlackBerry Bold is second even to the 8800’s build quality, which really disconcerts me, having used an 8800 for a good long time and being generally impressed by its sturdiness. The application round went to the iPhone, which RIM should be downright ashamed of. They’ve been in the mobile game for so much longer that they should have gotten it right by now. Of course, Apple has an established relationship with developers for their computer segment, which provided a solid foundation to work with. Regardless, it’s a great review and worth checking out.

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What’s the deal with the BlackBerry Thunder?


Jerry Seinfeld is confused by the BlackBerry Thunder

Obviously, as bloggers, we’re forced to deal with many rumors and half-truths in order to bring you the latest in BlackBerry news. However, the ongoing confusion over RIM’s upcoming CDMA touchscreen device is becoming almost too much to bear.

At first, we thought it was to be called the BlackBerry Storm, then the BlackBerry Thunder. Then we were told its haptic keyboard was fantastic, only to have that idea shot down by the Internet’s resident Deep Throat, the Boy Genius. The gadget nuts over at Gizmodo have now thrown their hat into the ring, claiming through sources that the BlackBerry Thunder was in fact the Storm all along, it will not be delayed, and does, in fact, rock.

The only thing we can be sure of is that nothing is certain until we actually have the device in-hand. Jim-dog, you want to swing by BBCool HQ and give us a demo?

**Update** Boy Genius has now posted a PowerPoint slide as evidence of the BlackBerry Thunder’s namesake.

See BG’s rebuttal after the jump

Boy Genius unearths the BlackBerry 9110 (Codename: Seawolf)


BlackBerry 9110 SeawolfYear after year, Boy Genius keeps the often boring summertime news cycle interesting by breaking new BlackBerry devices. The trend continues, this time with an .xml file revealing the BlackBerry 9110, which has essentially the coolest development codename ever: Seawolf. Pertinent features? It’s in the 9100 series family, which means a ‘reduced’ SureType keypad, and possibly flip-phone styling, but with GPS support.

Boy Genius seems to think the device is headed to AT&T. We wait with baited breath.

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