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BlackBerry Thunder Update: tons of network support, no hope for N.A. unlocking


Verizon BlackBerry Thunder

The Boy Genius continues to filter through the black swamp of tech rumors to deliver us the goods, this time with an update for the BlackBerry Thunder, the exclusive touch screen BlackBerry for Verizon he broke news of during WES.

A few things stand out: first, the Thunder will not have an external microSD slot, meaning you’re going to have to pop the battery to access it, as if it were a BlackBerry Curve. Once you’ve popped that battery, however, you’ll see a SIM card sitting next to it. BG has also heard that the BlackBerry will support CDMA 1x, EV-DO, GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS and HSPA, making it a very slick hybrid device. Of course, North American readers can forget about unlocking it for use on, say, AT&T: like the BlackBerry 8830, the Thunder will only use CDMA coverage while inside the great US of A — which doesn’t matter much seeing as the BlackBerry will only support the international 900/1800MHz bands with 2100MHz WCDMA band anyways.

BG is still saying Q3 release this year for the Thunder. We keep you in the know as more information develops.

(via Boy Genius Report)

Join the BlackBerry Cool Nation with a sweet tee shirt!


BlackBerry Cool tee shirtSeems like everyone and their sister wants one of our custom WES tee shirts, so we decided to hook you guys up. You can now head over to our Cafe Press site and buy the BlackBerry Cool tee in both black and white.

Who knows? Maybe our ‘Not Boy Genius‘ shirt will show up there soon…

BlackBerry Cool: Not Boy Genius


Not Boy Genius Tee ShirtBG, we have nothing but love for you. But sometimes, we get treated by certain companies that shall not be named as if we broke as many rumors as you — that, in some way, we were as dangerous as the Boy Genius.

To help eliminate the confusion, this year at WES we made special tee shirts that lets everyone know we’re just harmless BlackBerry-loving bloggers. Anyways, why are you looking at us, when BG is right behind you, nabbing pics of the BlackBerry Bold? Oops, too slow. You just missed him.

Note: I know I look constipated. That’s my best ‘dangerous’ face. See? Not Boy Genius!

Oodles of BlackBerry 9000 info: BlackBerry Bold, Announcements, Partners left in the lurch?


BlackBerry 9000The days leading up to WES are always an exciting time for BlackBerry users, with juicy rumors and sneak peaks scattering across the Internet every year. Of course, you can count on us to not let the BBCool Nation down, with no less than 3 BlackBerry 9000 rumors!

First, to the name: CrackBerry is reporting with certainty that the BlackBerry 9000’s series name will officially be the BlackBerry Bold, citing sources and comments on Engadget posts. However, the granddaddy of all BlackBerry rumors, the Boy Genius, isn’t so quick to pull the trigger on this juicy little tidbit, noting that the domain name is registered by a ‘shady Canadian company.’ A quick domain registration search shows that while blackberry9000.com and even blackberry9130.com are registered by CSC Corporate Domains (same goes for the BlackBerry Curve and Pearl sites), the blackberrybold.com domain is registered by DOTSTER (more details after the jump). Does this indicate a hoax or is RIM trying to be sneaky?

UPDATE: BBCool reader Knight points out that blackberrybold.com now redirects to www.blackberry.com/blackberrybold/. Looks like Bold is here to stay, folks.

Of course, like we told you yesterday, according to BG, we’ll all know soon enough, because the BlackBerry 9000 will be officially announced on Monday, May 12th, the first day of WES. BG says that RIM will have booths on display demoing the device, with RIM co-CEO Mike Lazaridis giving a keynote presentation. I cannot wait to see that, folks.

The last piece of info we have is coming from our own sources, which tell us that RIM sent out emails to all partners with instructions to NOT bring their 9000 to WES. Apparently, this is for two reasons: 1.) not all partners already have the device, and RIM doesn’t want to foster any jealousy. 2.) Of those that do have the device, RIM can’t be sure they are using the most recent revision of the hardware/OS, and thus don’t want half-baked BlackBerrys making the rounds in Orlando. Sorry partners!

Check out the domain registration details after the jump

The BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Boy Genius Interviewed (Pt. 2)


Boy GeniusBy popular demand, we’ve got round two of our interview with the preeminent tech blogger Boy Genius. BlackBerry Cool’s EIC Doug Soltys yaks it up with the Big BG about leaks, carriers, manufacturers, advertisers, MVNOs, and the iPhone. Without further ado, here‘s the podcast for your listening pleasure. (Also on iTunes, if that’s your bag.)

The BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Boy Genius Interviewed (Pt. 1)


Boy Genius LogoBlackBerry Cool podcasts come out less often than we’d like, but when we the ‘Cool does get around to it, we like to try and make them as awesome as possible. And what could possibly be more awesome than an interview with the Boy Genius? Sure, we’ve done text interviews with him before, but live from BG HQ is an entirely different matter.

BlackBerry Cool EIC Douglas Soltys went 10 rounds with the BG, clocking in more than 2 1/2 hours of audio (!), so look for part two to come soon. Until then, enjoy us talking about RIM’s recent product lineup, the 9000 series BlackBerrys, BES/OS 5.0, whether or not RIM understands cool, and oh yeah, BG’s plans to work with RIM.

P.S. This podcast was recorded the day before we broke the news on AT&T neutering the BlackBerry 8820, so it wasn’t addressed in the podcast. However, be amazed at how ominously pertinent our conversation regarding the Apple/ATT&T/RIM triumvirate was.

Listen to the BlackBerry Cool podcast after the jump