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Pachacuti’s Gold: Possibly the First BlackBerry Theme with a Fully-Integrated Game


pachacuti gold

The problem with saying “the first theme to…” is that there are so many themes out there and it’s hard to keep track of them all. We’re going to start the conversation with saying this is “possibly the first…” because we haven’t come across anything like this at BlackBerryCool. Pachacuti’s Gold is a BlackBerry theme with a fully integrated game.

The theme includes a hidden object game and you go through the various levels unlocking a new wallpaper with each level successfully completed. There are four levels and your goal is to find for yourself to find the long lost Inca gold of Pachacuti. Decipher the captain’s notes to find the items you need to progress through 4 treacherous levels. Overall, this theme is incredibly innovative and brings the customization of themes together with the fun of casual gaming.

UPDATE: It looks like Pachacuti’s Gold was taken off Bplay a couple days ago. It’s still a very innovative theme and hopefully they bring it back.

The major downside to this theme is that it’s only available for Storm series devices. Grab your copy at this link for $1.99.

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Bplay This Week – Awesome Space Inspired Theme, Great Deal On Games From Glu Mobile


space theme

Two exciting items of excitement to report from Bplay HQ this week. First off, they’ve got one of Magmic’s newest themes called Space: 1999. I’ve been running it on my 9700 for the last week and a half, and I absolutely love it. I’ve also tested this them on other devices including the Torch 9800, and it runs beautifully. It takes space inspired animations and comic book style art to the next level. It goes completely against your standard Zen and Today style themes, and adds an element of artsiness that seems to have become rare in the world of BlackBerry themes. We’re not all suit-dummies, you know. Fans of the past ‘Propaganda‘ theme from Magmic will definitely love this theme.

Secondly (but not less importantly), Bplay sent out an email to all of its subscribers letting them know that Glu Mobile, makers of Call of Duty: Black Ops Mobile and Family Feud Mobile, has slashed their prices on a number of their top selling titles. Some of those games include the aforementioned ones, Blur Racing, World Series Poker, and many more. This sale will last throughout the month on June.

You can easily download out all of these titles and more by visiting our Bplay store.

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BlackBerryCool Launches New Store for Apps, Games, Themes and More


bplay and blackberrycool

BlackBerryCool is now working with Bplay to serve apps, games, themes and ringtones. We still have a mobihand account so you can find your apps on our store. The difference is that the site no longer links to Mobihand and we’re going to be working with Bplay to help build their app catalog. This new change won’t affect coverage in any way, and the only difference is we’re making it easier to find premium content. Here are the links to our store sections:

The main store page is at blackberrycool.bplay.com.
Our games page is at blackberrycool.bplay.com/games.
Themes can be found at blackberrycool.bplay.com/themes.
Ringtones are here blackberrycool.bplay.com/ringtones.

Also, be sure to check out the mobile versions as they’re fully optimized and look great on touchscreens. Enjoy!

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Bplay Goes Version 2.0 with International Pay-by-Mobile Options and More


bplay 2

Bplay has undergone a massive overhaul in what they’re calling version 2.0 (actually the site has been around for so long you could say it’s version 6.0). The site is looking much better and comes with a great deal more functionality. New features include:

  • International coverage for pay-by-mobile options! Our customers are on BlackBerry devices all around the globe, so now we’ve made it easier to bill your purchases to your phone in over 30 countries worldwide, with more countries being added all the time. No credit card? No problem!
  • Simplified checkout and default payment options! Enter your billing preferences once, with no need to change them until you want to, so grabbing the latest theme or a new app takes only a moment.
  • Enhanced device and OS detection! This launch includes our super cool device detector, which lets you quickly scan a QR code from our desktop site to tailor your shopping experience to your particular BlackBerry model and OS. Yes, we now support multiple OS versions on the same handset (hello upgraded 9700s and 9800s!).
  • A cleaner and faster mobile experience, re-designed from the ground up for modern mobile browsers
  • Tons of account management tools and easy access to your download links

Bplay is also aligning itself more with the developer requirements for App World, in the sense that they’re making it just as easy, if not more easy, to upload your app to Bplay. So if you have an app and you’d like to create a new revenue stream, ping them and submit. You’ve got nothing to lose and more revenue to potentially generate.

Check out the new Bplay.com for yourself.

Bplay Running 7 Days of Deals Holiday Promotion



Bplay let us know that they’re currently running a 7 Days of Deals promotion where each day they’ll be discounting one of their products. Today, Solitaire Legends 2 is $2 off with the promo code “SOL”. Solitaire Legends 2 is a must-have solitaire pack for any card game enthusiast. After the discount, SL2 costs $2.99, but you can also pick up the individual solitaire games free in App World still. So, while the holiday promotion is awesome, keep in mind you can also pick them all up for free from App World and save yourself some much needed holiday cash. Click after the jump for the free game links.
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Bplay Halloween Special 20% Off All Games, Themes and Apps


bplay special

Bplay is having a Halloween Special where they’re giving 20% off all games, themes and apps. The offer expires at 11:59 PM EDT Sunday, October 31st, and does not apply to subscription products or ringtones. To take advantage of this deal, use the promo code “SPOOKY” at the checkout.

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