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Wish you were here


RIMHey guys, just thought you should know that I’ll be on vacation for two weeks out by Lake Huron. Should be back on August 7th. On the way, I swung by to visit some family down in Waterloo, Ontario, RIM’s home turf. Even at 9:30 PM their campus still had folks coming and going. There wasn’t enough time for the full tour, but odds are I’ll be in the neighbourhood again soon. Until I get back to BBCool HQ, the illustrious Doug Soltys will be bringing you the daily highlights.

Two snaps of RIM’s HQ behind the jump.

Next-gen Curve pics leaked, we were right


BlackBerry 8320Between today’s iPhone release à la Second Coming and a predictably stellar Q1 performance review by RIM, finding fresh news this morning has been tough. With some diligent forum lurking though, we’ve got a juicy tidbit from Pinstack’s hayden. Word has it a Wi-Fi capable BlackBerry 8320 will be hitting the streets in September on T-Mobile and packing a 3.2 megapixel camera akin to the rumored Pearl 2‘s.

Main features include…

BlackBerry Cool now on Mobile.BlackBerry.Com


Mobile BlackBerry homepageDon’t suppose you folks have checked out RIM’s mobile site recently, have you? Well, it’s had a bit of a revamp, and it’s looking pretty clean and tidy. While you’re perusing, why not check out the Great Sites category? Hey, look at that, they’ve got a Mobile IT Section there. Man, I bet they’ve got some pretty good linkage in there.

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