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Top 3 tips for respecting the BlackBerry brand


If you’ve ever read a RIM or RIM partner press release, you will notice that RIM legal as well as RIM marketing insist that the word “BlackBerry” is always written as “BlackBerry® smartphones” or “BlackBerry® smartphone device.” The reason for this, is that RIM branding wants to separate itself from the rest of the mobile phone market. Although I’m not a big fan of the registered trademark logo, or writing the stock symbol, there are still some branding issues I think are important.

Here are my top 3 tips when using the BlackBerry brand:

1. It’s a mobile computer not a fruit.

Many journalists, make the mistake of writing the plural form of BlackBerry as “BlackBerries.” The plural form of BlackBerry is ‘BlackBerry devices’ or ‘BlackBerry smartphones.’

2. There are 2 capital letters.

Again, the BlackBerry is not a fruit which only takes a capital at the beginning of a sentence. BlackBerry is a brand name with 2 capital letters.

3. A BlackBerry device is not a mobile phone.

A RAZR is a mobile phone. Anything made by Sony Ericsson is a mobile phone. A BlackBerry is not a mobile phone. The BlackBerry stands alone as a powerful device for enterprise and prosumers. If a group of devices are to be mentioned in a sentence, BlackBerry must stand alone. For example, “please submit your pagers, mobile phones, BlackBerry devices and laptops.”

Although this may all seem petty, it’s about time that the Internet knows how to properly refer to the device.

RIM product manager talks mobile marketing, branding and product development


BusinessCast Podcast

The fine gentlemen over at the BusinessCast Podcast have scored an interview with one Michael Younder, a Senior Product Marketer at RIM. As part of a series on mobile marketing for entrepreneurs, the podcast focuses on the product development and branding issues that make mobile marketing “more than those ’short codes’ you punch in your phone to vote for your favourite Canadian Idol.”

We haven’t checked out the podcast yet, but we will as soon as the fresh pot of coffee sitting beside us chases away a heavy case of the Mondays.

Listen to the BusinessCast Podcast


BlackBerry brand value up 390%


A report from Millward Brown shows a whopping 390% increase in the BlackBerry brand value, up to a grand total of around $13 billion and giving them the #51 spot on top brands worldwide. BlackBerry’s value increased more than any other brand, followed by Apple with 123% and Amazon with 93%. Technology services were booming in general, with a value growth of $187.5 billion, or more than half of the total growth across the board. This is the first time BlackBerry has appeared on the list of top 100 brands, so congratulations to the folks at RIM and I hope they break out the champagne. You can check out the full report in PDF form here.