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Bravo and foursquare Team Up for Interactive Reality TV



Foursquare have been making some really awesome partnerships lately and they’re coming up with some interesting ways of bringing location-aware content to BlackBerry users. Recently, foursquare announced a partnership with Metro news, where users can get location-relevant Metro content sent to their device. Today, foursquare announced a partnership with Bravo, to bring television and location-aware BlackBerry users together.

The partnership will mean that a Bravo-enhanced version of Foursquare will launch, allowing users to play along with Bravo shows by checking in at restaurants, bars, and other venues to win badges, physical prizes and other incentives. Foursquare users will find special Bravo badges as they visit the more than 500 selected Bravo locations across the U.S.

This is a really cool idea and it has some interesting implications for reality TV. Imagine the Amazing Race, but anyone can compete using Foursquare. That would be a blast.

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