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Gears, BIS-B Push and SQlite coming to BlackBerry soon


Remember the Breaking New Ground BlackBerry Technical Seminar that happened last Wednesday? Of course you do, because you followed along diligently from your computer! Well, in case you somehow missed it (for shame), RIM’s Developer Support Guru™ Mike Kirkup gave a seminar on what great new tools are coming next for BlackBerry developers. Here’s a rundown of what’s coming:

    * Gears support – Kind of like Google gears, which allows users to access and store web content locally on their BlackBerry.
    * BIS-B Push applications – Push to BIS public devices (making WebSignals irrelevant) and push data to applications (think IM clients)
    * SQlite applications on device – Think about a database of information on your BlackBerry like a clients list or price list

You may remember that support for Gears and BIS-B Push was originally announced during the BlackBerry Developers Conference, but it’s good to know that it’s inching ever closer to release. You can see a few more slides from the seminar after the jump.

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BlackBerry Breaking New Ground Seminar Slides

REMINDER – BlackBerry Technical Seminar is Tomorrow!


RIM Developer Seminar

BlackBerry Cool was the first to tell you about RIM’s FREE Breaking New Ground: Fall ‘08 BlackBerry Technical Seminar a few weeks a go, and now we’re here to remind you that Breaking New Ground takes place TOMORROW from 9amET – 5pm ET. Here’s some of the Seminar’s highlights in case you’ve already forgotten.

    Mike Kirkup, RIM’s developer relations guru will provide a recap recap of the key presentations from the BlackBerry Developer Conference held in October
    “So You Want to Develop for BlackBerry Smartphones” on the Developer Agenda
    “Application Deployment, Security and Management Best Practices” on the Administrator Agenda

Breaking New Ground BlackBerry Technical Seminar — Register Now!
Full Breaking New Ground Developer Agenda
Full Breaking New Ground IT Administrator Agenda


RIM talks BlackBerry Technical Seminar and Network Diagnostic Tool


BlackBerry Technical Seminar

Mmm, I can feel it in the air, something special is on its way for BlackBerry developers. It can only be one thing: the latest BlackBerry Developer Newsletter! The latest edition of the DevLetter has Developer Support Guru Mike Kirkup delving into the BlackBerry Technical Seminar we told you about a few days ago and the Network Diagnostic Tool released late last month. You can find the audio below, as well as links to other great Developer Newsletter content.

DB-00568: What Is – Supported versions of Java for different BlackBerry JDE versions
DB-00537: What Is – Appropriate version of the BlackBerry JDE
DB-00031: How To – Get started with the BlackBerry JDE
DB-00396: What Is – Different ways to make an HTTP or socket connection
BlackBerry Java Fundamentals Guide
BlackBerry Java Development Guide


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RIM announces Fall ’08 BlackBerry Technical Seminar


Important news for BlackBerry developers out there coming to you by way of RIM’s crack developer support team. RIM has officially announced Breaking New Ground: Fall ’08 BlackBerry Technical Seminar. Taking place on December 3rd, Breaking New Ground is FREE and you can attend from your office PC! Here’s some of the important details:

Wednesday, December 3, 2008, 9amET – 5pm ET (1:00pm GMT, 5:00pm India, 9:00pm China)
Agenda Highlights:
Evolution of Web Development
BlackBerry smartphone user-side API’s
New development options and frameworks
Developing Location-based Applications
Creating Themes & Scalable Vector Graphics

In addition to the highlights mentioned above, Breaking New Ground will also feature voice/chat Q&A and product demonstrations with BlackBerry solution and partner application experts. Make sure to register below and then check out the full developer agendas!

Breaking New Ground BlackBerry Technical Seminar — Register Now!
Full Breaking New Ground Developer Agendas