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RIM Opposes Apple’s Trademark Filing for “WebKit” in Canada


RIM has filed an official opposing action against Apple’s trademark filing for “WebKit” in Canada. Currently, WebKit is an open source project, but the term “Webkit” seems to be first used by Apple as far as we can tell. It’s not clear on what grounds RIM is going to defend the trademark filing and we’ll have to wait for the official documents. Continue reading after the break.
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BBerryGo Makes the First BlackBerry PlayBook Browser


The deal seems to be that if developers create an app that fits all the criteria of an Adobe AIR app that can be sold in App World, then they’re eligible for a free PlayBook. This is a pretty sweet deal considering a major feature of the PlayBook is that development on the PlayBook is supposed to be easy. Jerome from BBerryGo developed a browser for the BlackBerry PlayBook and apparently it was pretty easy. It should be interesting to see what apps developers create for the PlayBook and hopefully the development process helps shed the stigma that developing for BlackBerry is a pain in the development ass.

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BOLT Browser 2.3 Delivers Full Support for HTML5 Audio and Video Streaming


bolt browser widget

The latest update to the BOLT Browser, version 2.3, comes with a host of new features including HTML5 audio streaming to complement the HTML5 video streaming added in BOLT 2.1, and also includes enhanced inline text editing, cloud-based backup of your favorites and the addition of Ustream.tv to the list of Flash video sites supported by BOLT. The latest version of the BOLT browser also includes new Mobile Widgets. BOLT 2.3’s widget gallery features weather, Wikipedia, and dictionary widgets, along with an improved Twitter widget and a brand new Facebook widget.

For a full list of features and free download of BOLT 2.3 visit boltbrowser.com.

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BOLT Browser for BlackBerry out of beta and into version 1.5


bolt browser

The BOLT mobile browser has been through eight months of beta testing and the developers, Bitstream, are now ready to launch out of beta into version 1.5.

The browser has so far been downloaded 2 million times and rendered in excess of 200 million web pages. The latest iteration of the browser includes the following:

  • Cache Support to speed users’ ability to move quickly back and forth between the currently and previously viewed Web pages through the use of backward and forward navigation.
  • Download Manager for easy download of files directly from BOLT and the ability to save them to specific folders on the mobile phone (requires JSR75 support on the device).
  • Support for Streaming Videos of Any Length that overcomes limitations on some phones’ ability to stream videos of longer lengths. The new approach ensures video clips will play on all devices, for any length video.
  • Video Wizard to assist users in configuring their device for optimal video playback.
  • Dedicated Search Bar on home page, for easier and faster online searches.
  • Improved Ability to Manage RSS Feeds by allowing users to arrange and file feeds just as they do with their favorites and bookmarks.
  • Enhancements for Touch Screen Devices such as simple volume controls for the BOLT media player which now offers volume controls on the screen.
  • Enhancements for BOLT Servers in the cloud, which increase the already fast BOLT mobile browser by an additional 10 to 20 percent.

Since RIM has acquired Torch Mobile, and it’s clear they have plans to upgrade their browser, one has to wonder about the fate of browsers such as BOLT and Opera Mini. On the one hand, the first out the gate has an incredible market advantage, but RIM has the trump card in the end, which is access to APIs that third party developers won’t ever have.

Try the BOLT browser for yourself and let us know what you think.


Skyfire Alpha testing continued – what’s new in 3.5


Skyfire for BlackBerry

When we last wrote about the Skyfire Alpha program for BlackBerry, someone inside the program had leaked the browser files for all to download. Skyfire quickly cut off the leaked users but they’re back to Alpha testing.

The latest version, 3.5, has some great improvements, one of which being that you can set Skyfire to the default BlackBerry browser. This is something that users have been asking about for a long time with other 3rd party browsers. You will also be able to download files from the browser to your device.

Here is what the company had to say:

“As you are aware we temporarily closed the Blackberry Alpha. We planned for a certain number of users on our Alpha system that was quickly exceeded with the leak of the client outside the Alpha community. Please stick to the understanding of the Alpha program and NDA – it is NOT for open distribution. It just creates hassle for all people involved and spoils the experience for our Alpha participants.

This Alpha 3.5 is still targeted for Blackberry Bold mainly firmware and devices. , Feel free to try out the build as well on Blackberry 8900 and 5.0.xx firmware versions of Bold.”

What got removed in Alpha 3.5 (vs. Alpha 3.1):

  • Stream Mode: We are actively working on an alternate method to provide streaming for Blackberry that will provide better performance and reduces the number of errors during streaming. This work has not been concluded yet. In the meantime we removed the existing stream mode. Stay tuned!

Thus please focus feedback for Alpha 3.5 on page load experience and basic browsing vs. the media experience.

What’s new in Alpha 3.5

  • Inline Text Entry: You can now edit/enter form elements directly within the page, without being interrupted by a dialog box. Makes it more direct, convenient and retains the context.
  • Click-to Call: The Blackberry client now will utilize tags in websites that trigger a phone call, when clicked (e.g. callto: and tel: links). You have to confirm before the call is initiated.
  • Set as Default Browser: when set, links will open Skyfire
  • Downloading of Files: you can now invoke the download of files to your device.
  • Improved Scrolling: Further tweaking since the last Alpha.
  • Reduced Checkerboard occurrences
  • Alpha limit: We implemented a simple mechanism to limit the number of new users in our system. Once reached you see a message. If you encounter this and are part of this Alpha group then please contact us.

Known bugs in this Alpha:

  • Clear cookies: When you clear cookies in advanced settings it will not work. Will be addressed in the next release.
  • Inline Text: We are seeing several issues.
  • Sometimes old text is visible (Issue 331 & 409), when re-entering text box, the cursor is positioned at the beginning of the text field (Issue 333).
  • Download: timeout when downloading large files (Issue 435)”



Skyfire browser for BlackBerry leaked – OTA link available UPDATE


Skyfire for BlackBerry

UPDATE: It seems most users are getting a blank checkered screen. I’m guessing Skyfire has shut down access. Sorry guys!

Better hurry folks! The Skyfire browser for BlackBerry has been leaked and is available for download OTA.

Go to http://www.theiexplorers.com/BBM/Skyfire/skyfire.jad from your BlackBerry browser to download now.

Or here:


One of the downsides of being a site based in Canada is that we often get blocked from leaks requring service access in the US. I have tried this browser on both the TELUS and Rogers network with no success. Any other Canadians want to rule in on this?

According to the @buzzedword (leaked to BBRocks), here are some features you’ll find with the browser:

  • Its dominantly web based, the “enter url” function has autocomplete which I’m assuming comes from Skyfire’s servers
  • You’re assigned a unique Skyfire ID, and you can create an account on the Skyfire homepage, presumably for bookmark and RSS sync– the homepage has a very Digg-like feel to it
  • Flash is supported as well as javascript, but flash functionality breaks down when you hit version 10
  • It appears that the browser has its own independent audio controller because of options in the menu, but i can’t confirm volume buttons, none of my shortcut keys work
  • It doesn’t work well with the storm at all but it does install
  • Its definitely optimized for trackball, the mouse has a kind of crosshair around it that if you click down will zoom to that portion of the page
  • Overall its pretty quick, they render the webpage on their servers and you download what they render

Remember that the browser is in Alpha, so it’s prison rules when it comes to your device. Back everything up and don’t use this software if you aren’t prepared to encounter some bugs.


[Via with updated link from BerryReview]