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Zumobi coming to BlackBerry


ZumboniChris has been keeping an eye on Zumobi, a new content delivery app that recently announced a beta release for the second quarter of 2008. The basic idea is you get a bunch of tiles with access to web content which you can zoom into and out of using a number pad or pointer. Apparently it’ll be easy to swap tiles with friends who share common interests, which is always cool. The content itself seems pretty open-ended and dependent on who’s developing on the platform. This sounds like a more graphically-inclined version of Viigo, which we wouldn’t mind trying out at all.

Mobile version of Flash released


AdobeAdobe announced yesterday that its new Flash Lite 3 would be able to be viewed on mobile browsers, should manufacturers, operators and content providers be interested in supporting the format. Early adopters NTT DoCoMo and Nokia are already on board. This would not only open up mobile browsing from being solely text-based, but could also support online video players and games. You won’t be finding BlackBerry on Adobe’s supported handsets list just yet, but given RIM’s ongoing consumer push, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to expect to see Flash Lite support in a certain new device. It’s not like we haven’t heard rumors of RIM including Flash on a BlackBerry before.