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Are Developers and Users Sold on the Built For BlackBerry Program?


BlackBerry first announced the Built for BlackBerry program along with the $10K developer commitment. The program was aimed at separating the great apps from the not-so-great and give developers who are committed to the program an opportunity for additional discovery and exposure. Several months into the program, we’re seeing some promotion from BlackBerry pushing these apps, but do developers and BlackBerry users care? It seems a little arbitrary who gets this designation and if it’s not fully accepted by developers, it probably won’t make much of a difference with users.
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Top 5 official BlackBerry sites


Top 5 BlackBerry Sites

After replying to Mark’s comment about BlackBerry needing an app store, it occurred to me that there are some resources right on RIM’s site that not everyone might know about. While they might not be widely publicized, there’s still a lot of info out there ripe for the picking – you just have to know where to look. Even if you’re not a noobie to the BlackBerry scene, there might be some spots here you haven’t checked out before…

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RIM helps you find free software


Built for BlackBerryRIMarkable has pointed out a new minisite RIM has launched called Built for BlackBerry, which directs surfers to some grade-A software that’s either entirely free or has a 30-day trial. You can browse by software category, such as Games, Navigation, and News, but if you’re looking for a full-blown reference, you probably want the BlackBerry Solutions Guide. Built for BlackBerry seems geared towards hooking folks in who are new to BlackBerry software and are still figuring the full capabilities of the device. And hey, our buddies at Viigo are on there, too.