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ProOnGo EULA Shows How Processing Business Cards Server Side Worries Users



There’s an interesting app in App World right now called ProOnGo that scans your business cards with the BlackBerry’s camera and emails you them in a vCard format. The app looks great and since it was free I gave it a try. The problem is that the EULA has some very strange/aggressive wording that makes it seem like the vendor is keeping your contacts and has the rights to any contacts added via the app (see above).

The app is free for the first 10 business cards and then is available based on subscription from $0.99 to $4.99 per month. Even with the paid subscription, it seems that your contacts are still the property of ProOnGo, who could be using them for anything from newsletter and direct marketing, to selling them to 3rd party services. There’s really no way to tell.
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Scan Business Cards With Your BlackBerry With DYMO CardScan


DYMO CardScan lets users take a picture of any business card with their BlackBerry’s camera and the app automaticall inserts all information from the card into the proper fields in the user’s Address Book. The app is relatively expensive at $9.99 but anybody who gathers enough business cards that they’re looking for a business card reader can likely afford it.

CardScan is available in App World.

Business Card Reader for BlackBerry by SHAPE Services



SHAPE Services has a new app that is a must-have for anyone attending conferences such as CES in January. Business Card Reader lets you scan a business card and the contact information is added to your BlackBerry address book. This app supports newer BlackBerry devices such as the Storm, 8900, Tour, 9700 because the app requires a decent camera with auto focus. Business Card Reader even supports French, Italian, German and Spanish.

Business Card Readers costs $9.95 and they have a 7 day free trial so you can check the accuracy for yourself.

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