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Nothing says Happy Birthday like a BlackBerry Bold cake


BlackBerry cake

Dear BlackBerry Cool,

I am a follower of your website, i was the first one to get BlackBerry when it was introduced in our part of the world (Dubai) few years back, since then i have almost converted more then 100 of my friends & relatives to this amazing community.

Yesterday was my birthday and wife got a cake specially made out like Blackberry Bold for me, i wanted to share this with you, it was really sweet of her.



Cake of the day: AT&T BlackBerry Curve


It’s Wednesday today, which means people around the world are sitting at their desks thinking about the weekend. To help you get by, we thought this photo of a tasty AT&T BlackBerry Curve cake would help numb the brain until Friday comes. If you’re into mixing and matching your smartphone flavors, there are iPhone and Helio Ocean cakes after the jump as well. A bunch more interesting cake designs can be found here.

Thanks to @JeffHunt00 for the tip!

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