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Free Call Blocking App Mr Number Updated With Text Message Blocking


Mr Number

Mr Number is a free call blocking app that has recently been updated to include the ability to block text messages. Considering the app is free, Mr Number offers users a lot of value with features such as:

  • Choose how to handle blocked calls (send to voicemail or hang up)
  • Automatically block tens of thousands of known telemarketers – list updated daily
  • Block individual phone numbers, a contact, an entire area code, or the world
  • Block private and restricted numbers
  • Customizable whitelist: make sure the right people always get through
  • History of every call blocked and why
  • Notifications of blocked calls in your inbox (optional)
  • Big easy on/off button in case you change your mind

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PrivacyStar by First Orion with Crowdsourced Data to Block Spam Calls


First Orion announced an update to its popular PrivacyStar app for BlackBerry. PrivacyStar is a call blocking and reverse caller lookup app that now features SmartBlock, a service that takes the top blocked numbers from amongst PrivacyStar subscribers and proactively blocks them across its entire user base. PrivacyStar also features a new Do Not Disturb function that allows users to redirect callers to their voicemail while simultaneously sending them a text message acknowledging their call.
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PrivacyStar – 5 One Year Giveaways


Are you tired of knuckleheads calling you to offer glaucoma surgery for your dog in Guatemala? Are you a person that is called on your BlackBerry for a long distance offer and you respond with “how long is it?” Well, if the fun is gone from tormenting telemarketing drones, read on. Why? Well, PrivacyStar, is giving away 5 one year subscriptions to its service to help you provide these pesky callers an atomic wedgie and a Chuck Norris-style roundhouse kick to the face *THWAP*.

What does PrivacyStar do, exactly? Let me call the horse and have him tell you straight from his mouth. *whistles*.

PrivacyStar is a simple-to-use mobile app that enables users to take complete control of their phones by blocking any and all unwanted callers, using Caller Lookup to identify unknown callers and easily report unwanted telemarketing violators to regulatory enforcement authorities.

Sound good? Leave us a comment, we’ll use some special algorithm and knock out five winners by Monday. Good luck!