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BlackBerry Success Story: Call Control App Reaches 1M User Milestone


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We’ve written about Call Control a few times on BlackBerryCool and we’ve been told that the app has reached the 1M user milestone. The app is developed by Seattle developer Ben Sharpe, founder of the self-funded venture Kedlin Company, and has grown through word of mouth and organic growth. This app is a true testament to the new-age of doing business where companies can grow to reach over a million people without the use of a single paid advertisement.

In less than 2 years, Call Control has built a company of a million plus customers* and has empowered them to block unwanted calls and texts from scammers, telemarketers and private-caller nuisances. The only call blocker with a Community Blacklist, generated from over 1,000,000 users, Call Control tracks over 4 Million callers and blocks thousands of unwanted calls and texts before they even reach your device. Call-Control also offers an “Always-On” app experience with constant feature updates and friendly, prompt customer service.
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Call Control Pro Now Available Free with App World Download


UPDATE: This offer is no longer available.

Call Control is a privacy app that helps users block unwanted calls. In addition to manually blocking calls, Call Control features a Community Blacklist that’s generated from user reports and FCC complaints. Currently, Call Control Pro is $7.99, but the company are offering it for free for a limited time, when you download Call Control Lite and leave a review on App World.

To get your free copy of Call Control Pro, follow these steps:

1. Download Call Control Lite for free from Blackberry App World.
2. Install Call Control and have fun blocking unwanted callers.
3. Leave a review on App World about your experience with Call Control.
4. Email a copy of your review to support@everycall.us and after verification, you’ll receive a free Pro license key via email.

Happy downloading!

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Blackberry Call Control Promises to Curb Unwanted Calls


The Kedlin Company have announced their BlackBerry app Call Control, which was voted the Best Save Time App by the Verizon development community. The app syncs with a community-generated blacklist of spam callers, to help stop telemarketers and unwanted calls from reaching your phone.

Call Control features include:

  • Call Control stops thousands unwanted calls without the user having to key in individual telephone numbers.
  • Call Control stays up to date with new spam callers by updating your Blackberry on a daily basis.
  • If a spam call does get through, users can easily report the call and instantly block it from calling again, all with one click.
  • Callers with a restricted Caller ID are also blocked from calling.

The app looks promising and it’s going to be important for the Kedlin company to keep their community-generated list accurate. The problem with blocking calls is that even if a single important call gets blocked, it doesn’t matter how many spam calls are prevented.

Call Control is currently available for Blackberry and comes as a freemium service. There is a free Lite version and a paid Pro version for $7.99. Call Control can be downloaded by pointing your device to everycall.us/m/.

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