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BlackBerry 10 Needs Better Call Management Apps


Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 2.31.08 PM
The above image shows that the Caller ID API is a feature logged in JIRA but it still isn’t coming.

Almost all of the “call management” apps on BlackBerry 10 are apps that completely block all incoming calls. Why would anyone want that as a feature? Just turn your phone on silent. The whole Call Management category is broken on BlackBerry 10. Some apps, like Call Manager by CSL Limited, have terrible ratings and seem to be lying about the feature set. Doesn’t BlackBerry test feature claims to some extent?
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PhoneSheet Call Management Solution App With Free Trial


PhoneSheet is a call management app that lets you avoid lost messages and forgotten follow-ups. The app is integrated into the BlackBerry call process and address book to let you manage, organize and track calls. Users can access their tracked calls on their BlackBerry as well as access a web-based portal at PhoneSheet.com. The universal access keeps users in constant contact with their team and up-to-speed with client communications in real-time
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Call filtering and screening application for BlackBerry



Call Firewall for BlackBerry is a new application that lets you add various contacts to an allow and disallow list. This app is great for anyone who needs basic call filtering services.

Features include:

  • 6 different block rules.
  • The Block Log records all the blocked calls. You may call back or delete the record per your choice.
  • The option to record the blocked calls in the Block Log only but not in the Call Log.
  • Enable or disable the call block.

Purchase Call Firewall for your BlackBerry for $16.99.


Free phone call manager for your BlackBerry



Call Client is a tool that helps handle phone lists on your BlackBerry. With Call Client you have the capability to manage multiple phone lists, mark the status of each phone call, and add phone call notes all with the touch of a single button. Call Client also has adds backwards capability to your phone list, by allowing you to export any phone list to manage on your desktop.

To download Call Client for free, go here.


* Handles multiple call lists
* Unlimited phone numbers with Call Client call lists
* Add notes
* Unlimited Call Client call lists supported
* Indicates status of each phone call (complete or incomplete)
* Import and export any properly formatted .CSV file
* Tons of shortcuts for easy use in one hand
* Pairs perfectly with SimpleLeap’s TalkLater for BlackBerry