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Free BlackBerry call reminder app works with calendar and messages



Recently, Fabian was on Twitter asking about what new BlackBerry application to make. I’m not sure if this is the product of that vote but if it was, it’s an incredibly fast turn around. His latest app is called LaterDude and the app allows you to set reminders to call someone back.

From your Call Log or from your Messages application (on some devices, both work, on others only one works) you select an entry, press Menu then ‘Remind me later!’ and now a selection pops up when you want to get notified again about calling back.

It creates a calendar entry at the selected time and date. Make sure that you set the following in the Calendar-Options:

1. Open up the Calendar
2. Click Menu then Options
3. General Options
4. Default Reminder
5. Set it to 0 min.

Download LaterDude for free for your BlackBerry.

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