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Free Phone Logger Lite Application Lets you Generate, Sort and Email Logs


Phone Logger Lite is a handy app that’s free and lets you generate call logs and sort them by date, type of call, duration and caller. You can also email reports based on these logs at any time. These emailed reports can come in a variety of formats including Excel, txt, or csv. The report logs include the date, person, phone number, call status, and duration. With this app, you are also not limited to seeing just the last 20 calls made, received or missed; you can see a rolling 30 day history of calls.

The applications of this app are entirely up to you and there are probably many reasons why users might want such an app. Being able to simply see a longer call history is nice, but also the ability to send reports helps. Is your mother saying you don’t call her enough? Email her the month’s history and prove you’re a good son/daughter.

Download Phone Logger Lite free for your BlackBerry.

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Add contacts automatically after calls on your BlackBerry


Phone Assistant for BlackBerry

Phone Assistant version 1.4 is a great app that runs in the background and adds functionality to your BlackBerry that should be native with the device.

Phone Assistant enables you to quickly add contacts to your address book on the go. Once the conversation is ended, you will be prompted to add the contact only for new contacts if does not exist in the address book.

The existing functionality in the BlackBerry devices to add phone number to the address book only adds to the default “Work” category and in case you want to change that, the only way to go about it is to copy/paste. Phone Assistant will enable you to add the contacts in a quick and efficient way immediately without having to remember to add your important contacts later.

Purchase Phone Assistant version 1.4 for $2.99.


myBoxTone Insight keeps an eye on your BlackBerry’s stats


myBoxTone Insight for BlackBerryBoxTone just launched a free application for monitoring your BlackBerry’s health, and as someone who needs to count every kilobyte lest he be smoten by the Almighty Rogers Overage Charge, I can say this is a must-have for the heavy-duty BlackBerry user. Graphs show the progress of 24-hour monitoring of vital information like…

• Signal strength
• Battery remaining
• Memory free
• Data sent/received
• Calls made/duration

Solid app, and big ups to BoxTone for making the utility free to all. Hop in on the open beta at my.boxtone.com/insight.


PhoneFace Speed-Dial nabs Facebook pictures to make calls


If you dug the interface in FlipSide, Electric Pocket has recently tweaked it and made PhoneFace, allowing you to scroll through pictures of friends to call and text them. Pictures can be taken from your BlackBerry’s camera, nabbed off your media card, or even imported from Facebook. This is a pretty slick idea (along the same lines as PictureDial) that I could see as an eventual full Address Book replacement. Throw a few more options in there like e-mail and MMS, maybe add some group options, ability to zoom in and out of a grid, and you’ve got something pretty awesome. Interested? Give PhoneFace a shot for 7 days free!


BlackBerry call conferencing for medical professionals


Stethoscope Pearl Medical is teaming up with Ring2 to offer its members call conferencing control via BlackBerry. Not only does Ring2‘s interface let you see who’s logged into a call, but you can record the call as an MP3, and assign billing information. Pearl Medical offers a slew of BlackBerry services to medical professionals, with subscription fees that can be subsidized down to £10 per month by answering some online questionnaires. Any job in medicine is a data-intensive affair, so it’s good to see BlackBerry delivering it in whichever way it can.