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BlackBerry 10 Needs Better Call Management Apps


Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 2.31.08 PM
The above image shows that the Caller ID API is a feature logged in JIRA but it still isn’t coming.

Almost all of the “call management” apps on BlackBerry 10 are apps that completely block all incoming calls. Why would anyone want that as a feature? Just turn your phone on silent. The whole Call Management category is broken on BlackBerry 10. Some apps, like Call Manager by CSL Limited, have terrible ratings and seem to be lying about the feature set. Doesn’t BlackBerry test feature claims to some extent?
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PicDial Uses Facebook and MySpace Profile Pictures for Caller ID



PicDial is a picture caller ID app that uses social networks to give a little more context to calls. The app is geared more towards users that don’t have social media applications on their device, so BlackBerry users probably aren’t the ideal market for this app. With a BlackBerry, you can easily set your contacts’ Facebook profile pictures to your caller ID, making this app not all that useful for users. On the other hand, there are a couple features such as the ability to backup your contacts, and select which of the Facebook/MySpace pics you want your contact to use is helpful.

More information about PicDial available on their site.

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Privus Mobile 4.0 Annouces Caller and Text ID with Voice Notifications


privus mobile

There are a lot of caller ID apps going around these days and as is the case in the app economy, they’re all looking to differentiate themselves. Privus Mobile has recently been updated to version 4.0 and now features voice notifications for their caller ID service. When you get an incoming text or call, Privus Mobile can be set to announce the name of the contact.
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Free Caller ID App by Adaffix Available in App World


Caller ID apps are extremely fickle in that they often only work for certain carriers and in general, never work when you need them to. Privacy Star has a decent caller ID system but they tend to fall short when it comes to Verizon numbers. Adaffix has a free Caller ID app in App World that is worth a try although they seem to be very European centric. The app also instantly provides alternative merchants for a business that you have been unable to get through to. A 3G connection is required for the Caller ID feature and suppressed numbers cannot be identified.

Check out the Adaffix app for free in App World and let us know what you think.

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Mr Number Free Crowd-Sourced Caller ID App with 250,000 Users


Mr. Number is a mobile caller ID and contact backup app that just announced 250,000 registered users and a new version for BlackBerry devices that can identify telemarketers automatically. Mr Number will back up all of your numbers (including PINs) and you can move them to any supported phone if you lose or break your device.
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Privus Mobile Launches Enterprise Caller ID Screening Integration


Privus Mobile have announced they are now providing Caller ID capabilities to enterprise through IT deployments and volume licensing. Privus offer a more true caller ID service than most carriers, as they provide the name and details of the contact calling, rather than just the phone number. If you would like to have Privus in your organization, you can contact them via their website. If you’re an individual looking for Caller ID, check out more information in the links below.

Privus Mobile Caller ID 3 months for BlackBerry

Privus Mobile Caller ID 3 months for BlackBerry OS 4.7

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