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Privus Mobile enhanced Caller ID for BlackBerry updated with name search


Privus Mobile for BlackBerry offers a caller name lookup that complements the already-existing Caller ID service on your device. The application has recently been updated and the updated is available free for existing customers.

With the latest update, users can receive the name registered to any phone number by simply inputting the number in the name lookup interface. When you receive a call, the app will ping a database of major carriers for the Caller ID information, which is then passed on to your device. After identifying the caller, you have the option to add the user to your contact list.

The application is compatible with all BlackBerry devices including the new BlackBerry Tour 9630, BlackBerry Curve 8520 and BlackBerry Bold.

Try Privus Mobile for your BlackBerry on a free trial or purchase for $16.95 for three months.

SpoofApp giving away 25 PINS with free minutes



SpoofApp is one of the more controversial apps going around today. The app lets users disguise their caller ID, change their voice and record their calls which can be played back, downloaded or shared with friends via social networks or email.

After 192 days, Apple rejected SpoofApp, citing:

“We’ve reviewed SpoofApp and determined that we cannot post this version of your iPhone application to the App Store at this time because it allows users to anonymously make calls and/or wrongly identifies the caller ID of the phone (known as Caller ID spoofing). We have chosen to not publish this type of application to the App Store.” – iPhone Developer Program

Well BlackBerry users don’t have to worry about Steve Jobs raining on their parade. SpoofApp is giving away 25 free PINS loaded with minutes to try out their service.

To win, all you have to do is comment. In light of SpoofApp not being available in the App Store, and being allowed to flourish in App World, tell us what advantages BlackBerry has over the iPhone.


UPDATE: Thanks for participating! The winners will be emailed with a pin.

WhitePages launches BlackBerry app on App World


WhitePages Mobile

WhitePages have release a BlackBerry app, WhitePages Mobile, that is now available in BlackBerry App World.

The app has everything you’d expect in a WhitePages mobile app – the ability to search hundreds of millions of listings to find people and businesses on the go. Plus, the app lets you ID callers (including mobile numbers), and search for work contacts by company and name.

WhitePages for BlackBerry costs $6.99 for six months of service.

Check out this YouTube video to see the app in action.


How to unmask blocked caller IDs with TrapCall


It’s incredibly annoying when friends block their numbers. I understand that you might think your call is of the utmost importance, but I have an idea of what you’re calling about and whatever I’m doing right now is more important. It’s not that I don’t value your friendship, I’ll call you back, it’s just that you’re a little self-centered and don’t realize my time isn’t yours to waste. So don’t block your number and just let me ignore you until it’s convenient to call back. Capiche?

Trapcall works to solve the above problem. When you reject or miss a call, your phone forwards those calls to TrapCall’s servers which then re-routes the call back to you. When the call comes back to you, the caller ID is unblocked. The second time you reject, the call goes to voicemail. This is not only a great way to stop your friends or insane ex’s from tricking you, but it also helps stop telemarketers do the same thing.

Go here and try it out for free.

As usual, I’m dying to here about your experiences using this product. Please comment and let me know. Especially if you have any similar experiences of trying to avoid phone calls.

UPDATE: Verizon is not yet supported. (Thanks Thomas)