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More BlackBerry Bold hands-on impressions


BlackBerry 9000

Doug’s had his time gushing over the BlackBerry 9000 at WES, and now Engadget’s finally getting some one-on-one time with as well. They’re impressed with the keyboard and snappy response time, but had a few complaints about the theme (which is easily changeable), and the video performance (possibly spoiled by the sheer size of the iPhone’s screen). It’s a good point about video – those of us with the BlackBerry tunnel vision are totally blown away by the Bold’s resolution, but in a broader context, it might not be so hot. Camera quality was ho-hum, but hey, 2 megapixels isn’t that big of a jump, and nobody’s really getting the BlackBerry 9000 to take stellar pictures anyway. Maybe the BlackBerry Javelin will be a different story… Keep an eye out for the BlackBerry Bold sometime mid-August, or early July if you’re outside of the U.S.

iTookThisOnMyPhone gets geotagging update


ITTOMP, the lovingly-anacronymed picture-sharing service, announced an update at WES, including geotagging support. Although not new, it was news to me that the service supports video sharing too, which is pretty awesome considering how impressed with Qik I was. Geotagging is getting increasingly popular, with whole apps like GPSed revolving around it, and even becoming integrated into the BlackBerry 9000. You can nab the latest version of iTookThisOnMyPhone for free right over here.

WES 08 Hangover Week: Flowfinity announces picture support


FlowfinityIn the spirit of WES 08 Hangover Week, we’re going to start running down all the releases that happened at WES that we were way too busy to cover. The first in a long list, is Flowfinity’s announced upgrade to 5.5 in Q3, which will include support for attaching pictures to their task management system. Lots of BlackBerrys have cameras now, and believe it or not, they can be used for work as well as play. It wasn’t long ago that they announced GPS support, which will likely mesh nicely with photos. In fact, I think one of the Innovation Awards winners at WES won for being able to geotag photos of graffiti and assign clean-up personnel to the location… Sounds very much like something Flowfinity will be able to pull off.

More OS 4.6 details


BlackBerry 9000A recent video tour of the BlackBerry 9000 shows off the few new features in OS 4.6, including launching streaming video in the BlackBerry Media Player, geotagging right from the camera app, and a new Clock feature. The improved browser was nary to be seen, and BlackBerry Maps wasn’t included yet (likely due to tweaking needed for the new assisted GPS technology that the 9000 is packing), but the software will likely get all its gaps filled before release. Hardware-wise, the 9000’s keypad is significantly improved over the 8800’s, has a bigger battery (and extra weight to go with it), and is packing an uber-bright LED.

BlackBerry 9000 to have front-facing video camera?


9000Hoo-ah. A Spanish blogger by the name of Luis Rodríguez has been playing around with a 9000 and let slip that the as-yet-unreleased device will have a front-facing video camera. Up until now, the BlackBerry 9000 has generated some ho-hum reactions, boasting an amalgam of features peppered across the BlackBerry lineup (3G, camera, Wi-Fi, GPS), but nothing new outside of the higher-res screen. It hasn’t been stated that this new camera will be in addition to the rear-facing still camera, or if it will be a subsequent 9000 model touting the video camera. In either case, file this one under rumor for the time being. If RIM can deliver reliable video call capabilities over HSDPA, the BlackBerry 9000 could really make a splash. Thanks Josep!

Screenshots of OS 4.5 on Pearl leaked


OS 4.5Some fresh screenshots of OS 4.5 have emerged for the BlackBerry 8100. The audio equalizer is conspicuously absent from this version, but stereo Bluetooth and folder creation are both a go. Office document support is well on its way, with both PowerPoint and Word editing functioning nicely. The camera’s got a bit of a tweak, now offering some blur detection. On the whole, it looks like this OS is standing nicely on the shoulders of 4.3.