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BlackBerry Taps Star Power to Market BlackBerry 10


BlackBerry has a odd tradition of tapping star power to sell cutting-edge technology. It’s a big challenge to explain the features and benefits of something complex to a consumer market made up of a young and a less technically inclined audience. This time BlackBerry has enlisted the help of some extremly talented people: Robert Rodriguez, Neil Gaiman, and Alicia Keys. They’ll be leading the charge in ushering BlackBerry into an era where smartphones are the primary tools of the creative and the successful.
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BlackBerry Preps First Ever Super Bowl Commercial


One of the advantages of a January launch is the awesome marketing potential of the Super Bowl. For years RIM has ignored this ultra-high-profile ad opportunity. With the launch of their next generation mobile OS however, the Super Bowl might be just the thing to turn some heads and generated some much-needed hype.
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