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Sympatico.ca Launches Free Mobile Portal App



Sympatico has launched their mobile portal app on BlackBerry App World. The free, bilingual app delivers Sympatico’s Canadian users access to news, music and entertainment stories, similar to what’s found on their Sympatico.ca portal. Sympatico’s mobile portal app also features a number of mobile features like location-based content including local weather, as well as push notifications for breaking news, a built-in QR code reader and the ability to share news items over social networks.

Download the Sympatico.ca mobile portal app for free in App World.

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Ceridian Launches Mobile Payroll App Powerpay


ceridian powerpay app

Ceridian has launched a payroll app called Powerpay that lets you review and approve payroll data using your BlackBerry. The app is available exclusively to existing Powerpay Web customers used by over 30,000 Canadian businesses. The app provides a sercure login process (pictured above), and features:

  • Preview and approve payroll using your BlackBerry
  • Employee and corporate level data verification including; hours and earnings, employee deductions and employer contributions, net pay, and company totals
  • Ensure data security with HTTPS transmissions and three levels of authentication – data is not stored on your device
  • The same familiar interface you’re used to with Powerpay Web – no steep learning curve
  • On-demand support from our award-winning Small Business Services Team

The Powerpay app is available in App World for $6.99 USD.

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Avatar Builder Looks Cool but Not Available in Canada


avatar builder

There’s been some buzz lately about the Avatar Builder app that RIM released. It’s a pretty cool project that comes shortly after the success of several other avatar builders on App World. The problem, is that for some reason RIM has decided to not support its home country of Canada. The app even supports countries like Saint Vincent and the Grenadine, but not the country where its headquarters is located. It’s almost hilarious.

The app’s purpose seems to be a way to promote the BlackBerry Newsletter which contains special offers, news and app recommendations. But even when you sign up for the newsletter, Canada is available as a country to select.

So if you’re in any other country on the planet other than Canada, feel free to check out the girls and guys versions of the Avatar Builder. It looks like a fun way to make a new BBM avatar.

Update from BerryReview: For those of you whose country limits them from downloading this app, you can grab it OTA from these links:

Avatar Builder Guys Edition – http://goo.gl/0Wzmn
Avatar Builder Girls Edition – http://goo.gl/DvmUO

Apparently it has something to do with the EULA which is completely insane because nobody is going to sue over an avatar. RIM Legal needs to get their heads examined.

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Download the NXNE 2011 BlackBerry App for Schedules, News, Events and More


nxne blackberry app

NXNE is currently going down and there’s a BlackBerry and iPhone app available to keep track of the festival. For the Americans out there, NXNE is the Canadian version of SXSW. It’s a lot smaller than the American SXSW but it’s gaining more and more momentum over the years. Also, it’s a great opportunity to check out some great Canadian bands like Fucked Up. With the NXNE 2011 BlackBerry app, you can get listings and events based on categories such as Music, Interactive and Film. You can also check live Tweets that mention #nxne and customize your schedule. The app was developed by the stealthy developers over at The Mobile Cartel, who seem to be working on some cool stuff under the radar.

To download the NXNE 2011 app, simply point your BlackBerry browser to nxne.com/apps/bb/.

You can also read about the iPhone version here.

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Motek Mobile Developing App Recommendation Engine AppFriendly for BlackBerry


appfriendly by motek

If you use Motek’s Code Mucher, you may have noticed being asked to join AppFriendly. The network promotes the fact that AppFriendly gives app recommendations and when you accept the terms and conditions, it downloads an odd app to your device. The AppFriendly app doesn’t have an icon but it does sit on your device running some sort of system process, as seen in the app management settings.

From browsing the AppFriendly network, it looks like Motek is looking to build a social network with profiles, social integration, app ratings and recommendations. The service is obviously in Alpha stealth mode because none of the links work, but it still gives you an idea of how it works and the features it will have. Motek already has a community around their apps where they give users points that can be redeemed for digital goods, and it looks like AppFriendly is a way of extending this ecosystem to other developers. When asked about AppFriendly, Motek responded with: “It’s in Alpha mode right now so we can’t say too much at this point but definitely will share more with you when it’s ready.”

Hit the jump for screenshots of the AppFriendly network.
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Deckster Turns Your iPod Nano into a Sweet Time Piece Reminiscent of a Tape Deck


Deckster.ca Promo Spot from n-product inc on Vimeo.

This has to be the coolest promo video ever made.

This may not be directly BlackBerry related but a lot of BlackBerry users probably have iPod Nanos for music. Even though you may have your music stored on your BlackBerry, you have to admit that it’s easier to jog and exercise with a Nano versus something like a Torch. Deckster is a really cool product we’ve come across that turns your iPod Nano into a watch that can play music, show the time, and do everything that an iPod Nano can do. The design is what really sets this device apart from the competition too. The Deckster is designed around a Pop+Lock™ System that is reminiscent of a cassette deck. The Deckster opens and closes in a smooth motion for easy insertion or removal of the Nano.

Another interesting aspect of Deckster is that it’s fully crowd-funded. You can support Deckster on the new crowd funding site CKIE, where you can pre-order the Deckster at a special price and get some cool rewards.

For all you entrepreneurs out there, we also highly recommend you watch Deckster co-founder Dom Coballe’s talk with Gary Vaynerchuk.

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