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Mike Lazaridis’ predictions for smartphone market and infrastructure



Mike Lazaridis, speaking at the Canadian Telecom Summit yesterday, said that the BlackBerry devices and smartphones that are Web-enabled are rapidly becoming the “center of how you get things done.”

Of course, all BlackBerry Cool readers already know that we’re at the cutting edge of technology and productivity, but the prediction is going to make some brick and mortar organizations rethink their direction.

Among Mike’s predictions is that the North American market for smartphones will more than double in the next few years. “There is a conversion happening. More and more consumers are not just trading up to a newer phone, they’re trading up to smartphones. I call this the smartphone revolution and it’s occurring right now.”

Rogers’ CEO Nadir Mohamed could not agree more. In the opening keynote address, he said that cutting-edge devices are redefining how consumers view Internet and use it. “The notion of Internet at home [or] Internet at the office is changing to: your Internet, wherever you are,” he said. “It’s very powerful.” Mr. Mohamed estimated by 2014 more than three million Canadians will use smartphones such as the BlackBerry.

With the market shifting towards smartphones, and these devices becoming increasingly more powerful, we’re seeing a progressive evolution towards Every Laptop Left Behind.