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App World adds more Latin American countries – do you have it?


App World 1.1

RIM sees Latin America as the next Western Europe and we’re going to be seeing a ton of updates from the region as BlackBerry expands into those countries.

Part of this plan involves the expansion of App World into markets such as Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Panama, Peru and the Caribbean.

RIM’s Latin America and Caribbean penetration is moving at a fast pace and now includes Aruba, Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Jamaica, Panama, Peru and Trinidad and Tobago.

Is App World available in your home country?

Two BlackBerrys land in Puerto Rico


CentennialCentennial has announced the BlackBerry 8703e and 8830 in Puerto Rico, both of which will enjoy GPS navigation and make use of the island-wide EV-DO network. Centennial just launched their BlackBerry service in the US this September, and already the love spreading down to the tropics. While we won’t be seeing the Curve on the Centennial’s CDMA network anytime soon, the BlackBerry 8130 is making the rounds, so it could very well end up down in Puerto Rico soon. You can grab the 8703e for $149.99 and the 8830 for $249.99 over here.

GSM captures 62% of market share


AntennaeAccording to a study by 3G Americas, GSM market share has grown 9% in the last year, totalling up to 62% of the market. In Latin America and the Caribbean alone, that penetration hit a wooping 78%. CDMA, on the other hand, has dropped in subscribers by 2.5% to 193 million subscribers. The report also notes the broad strokes of this year in GSM worldwide:

400 UMTS/HSDPA devices launched by manufacturers.
193 UMTS networks commercial; additional 71 networks planned or in deployment.
152 commercial deployments of HSDPA in 67 countries.
148 joint EDGE/UMTS networks; 244 commercial EDGE networks in 128 countries.
17 HSUPA networks now commercial, with many more expected in 2008.