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AT&T and RIM Discuss the BlackBerry Torch Collaboration


YouTube link

On AT&T’s YouTube channel, Chris Hall, Senior Director of Product Management at AT&T and Carlo Chiarello Vice President GSM/UMTS Business Unit RIM talk about the experience of taking the BlackBerry Torch to market. The video doesn’t provide much and is a really “corporate” look at what goes on between the two companies when working on a product launch. Basically, it’s a lot of meetings. If you’re going to watch the video, skip to a quarter of the way through and watch the BlackBerry Torch features in action.

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[Audio] WES 2010: RIM VP of Handheld Software Product Management


Click here to listen to three RIM VPs talking about devices, OS 5 and BlackBerry 6.

I got a chance to learn more about RIM’s new smartphone offerings in a WES session. Three of RIM’s experts were in attendance: Andrew Bocking, Product Marketing Engineer, Carlo Chiarello, Director of Product Management, and David Smith, Director of Product Management. The group went into details about the new devices and their accompanying accessories. I’ve posted the audio, which is a good listen if you’re interested in learning more about the major announcements, and I’ll follow up with more shortly.

Topics include (in chronological order):

  • New device overview
  • Device product lines overview (how the new devices fit into the entire device lineup)
  • New chargers and accessories
  • OS 5 overview (which Bocking called “BlackBerry 5”)
  • BlackBerry 6 (lots of small details about the user interface and design philosophy)
  • The WebKit Browser

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