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Carrier Billing Becoming Increasingly Important for Developers


RIM’s carrier billing partnerships are an excellent way for consumers to purchase apps without having to use PayPal or a credit card. It’s also great for developers as it provides a convenient way to monetize their applications and provide users with the app where they may not otherwise be able to afford it. Eric at Ebscer recently shared some data around carrier billing and it looks like it’s fast becoming an essential service.
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TELUS Users Can Now Buy Apps via Carrier Billing in App World


telus app world

Back in early September we heard that TELUS would be the first carrier in Canada to provide carrier billing support with App World. The news was buried in a press release about the launch of the BlackBerry Torch in Canada and now users can finally take advantage of the service. So if you’re a TELUS user, head over to App World and give it a shot.

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BlackBerry App World Desktop Commerce Now Live!


app world billing

We got confirmation that BlackBerry App World desktop commerce was coming back at the BlackBerry Developer Conference and it’s now live. The new App World site allows you to purchase and download free apps as well as sync your device so that your apps are synced with the site.

Currently, only Windows is supported and the site supports a few types of billing including PayPal, credit card or carrier billing. To get started with the new site, you’ll need to install a 1MB MSI App World installer.

Head over to App World and check it out.

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Zebbo Provide App Developers With Carrier Billing for Apps


Zebbo have developed a cool service for app developers so they can better monetize their apps. The app using SMS and carrier relationships to provide developers with a means to offer carrier billing for their apps. The downside is that for certain carriers, the website will take upwards of a 50% commission on the sale. This is probably because the fees that carriers are charging are so significant. In any case, the large commission may be offset by the fact that you can reach users who would otherwise not purchase with a credit card or PayPal.

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