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$50 BlackBerry Curve 9310 Launching on Verizon


Verizon will be launching the new BlackBerry Curve 9310 on Thursday July 12th. Working out to about $50 after the mail in rebate and the 2 year contract term, this budget conscious smartphone comes loaded with BlackBerry OS 7.1 allowing users to set up their own WiFi hotspot.
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RIM Announces BlackBerry World 2013 and Lots of BlackBerry 10 Jam Events


RIM has announced that BlackBerry World 2013 will be held from May 14-16 in Orlando. BBW2012 was the launching of BlackBerry 10 as a software platform for developers. Next year with BlackBerry 10 in full launch mode, we get to see what the developers have been working on, running on all-new BlackBerry 10 hardware.
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BlackBerry and Verizon Wireless Offer $10 Month Social Plan


Teaming up with the launch of the BlackBerry Curve 3G 9330, Verizon Wireless is now offering $10/month social data plan.

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Save money on your phone bill with BillShrink



BillShrink is a service that we haven’t covered on BlackBerry Cool yet and it could save you a lot money on your phone bill. BillShrink is a free service that collects and presents unbiased, comprehensive information so you can see for yourself which billing options are best for you and why.

In the wireless industry in the United States, there are over 10 million cell phone plans and add-on combinations. Figuring out which one is best for you shouldn’t be left up to a store representative or call center. With BillShrink, you can compare all the plans appropriate for your phone usage and see which will save you the most money.

Once you enter your info, you’ll be given info about the carrier, plan, savings and network signal quality. Try it out and see if it can save you cash.


TELUS spends $700M in Alberta to boost telecom infrastructure


Telus bunnies

TELUS, Canada’s 2nd largest carrier said it will be investing $700 million in wireless and wireline systems, part of a 10 per cent boost in overall spending from last year.

The move is expected to help boost customer spending and increase new sign-ups which have been a little lower than expected this year. The upgrades will help launch high-speed packet access technology by 2010. That will allow for faster data transmission and video service on handset devices including smartphones such as Research In Motion’s BlackBerry.

TELUS is fortunate in that it is in a better financial position debt-wise than most carriers. It doesn’t have a lot of debt that is due in the next couple years, and it is therefore taking this opportunity to spend, while most carriers are cutting back.

So if you’re in the Alberta region, expect some better service coming from TELUS.


RIM updates BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) to 2.6


A diagram of BIS operation

North American BlackBerry users can rejoice because RIM has upgraded BIS to 2.6. Although BIS is obviously not the enterprise powerhouse that BES provides, it will give you a quick look at what life is like on the other side. Something to note about the information regarding Gmail and BIS: if you’re going to take advantage of IMAP Gmail, you have to delete your account and re-add it from within your BIS admin.

With the new updates, you can expect the following:

Display of password characters
o BlackBerry smartphone users have the option to display password characters when configuring email addresses with the BlackBerry Internet Service. This feature makes it easier for BlackBerry smartphone users to integrate third-party email addresses, especially when using a BlackBerry smartphone with the SureType® input method.

Improved descriptive support and error messages
o BlackBerry smartphone users that have integrated a third-party email account using Post Office Protocol (POP) receive a personal identification number (PIN) message that includes instructions on how to leave email messages on the messaging server for successful delivery to the BlackBerry smartphone.

Option to change signatures from the BlackBerry smartphone
o BlackBerry smartphone users that use Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) automatic login can change the signatures for email messages using the BlackBerry smartphone.

Improved language support
o Dutch is now an available language for the BlackBerry Internet Service 2.6.

Gmail integration using IMAP
o BlackBerry Internet Service 2.6 uses Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) to integrate Gmail® webmail accounts.
This integration protocol introduces the following benefits:

  • Elimination of sent email messages appearing as received email messages in the message list on the BlackBerry smartphone
  • One-way synchronization of read status, sent items, and deleted items.
  • o To use these improvements, BlackBerry smartphone users must remove and reintegrate their Gmail webmail accounts.